Friday, April 22, 2011


Wishing all my wonderful readers a very safe and Happy Easter!!

I hope you're all enjoying your long weekend, I know I would be if I wasn't in bed sick! Ugh! I swear, I always get sick on the few days I actually get off work. Typical!
Sorry I haven't blogged in a little while, I'm currently working on two reviews at the moment. Taking photos is such a huge job when you're not feeling 100% :(

Again, I hope you all have an amazing Easter and hope to post again in the next day or so.
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Purely Cosmetics

The lovely Robyn from Purely Cosmetics was kind enough to send me some samples from her gorgeous line of mineral cosmetics, and I am so impressed!


After telling her a bit about my skin tone and texture, she sent me the following foundation samples:


Olive Beige and Neutral Medium both match me pretty perfectly, which I am stoked about. My skin has always been hard to match because I'm quite fair, but do tan up quite a bit in summer.
I'm not a HUGE fan of mineral foundation, but these are actually really nice! When my skin is in good condition (no pimples!) then this has the perfect amount of coverage. Unfortunately on days like today when my skin has decided to break out, I find that I really need a bit more coverage than these can provide. In saying that, I've been having more good than bad skin days - so yay!

I also got this Yellow Color Corrector:


I have quite bad undereye circles, it's so annoying and hard for me to find a concealer that really does the trick of hiding them. This however, is magic. I swear it erases my undereye circles with ease! I'm quite amazed to be honest. LOVE it.

Oil Absorb and Silk & Pearl Powder Primer:


I use this Oil Absorb first, just in my t-zone because that's where I seem to get most oily throughout the day. I follow it with the Silk & Pearl powder primer, which I apply all over my face. I really like these! Provide the perfect base for the foundation - my face looks sooo smooth when I use these.

Pearlescent Blush in Blushing and Bronzer in Lightly Bronzed:


I have used the blush everytime I use the mineral foundation. I really like it, it's a very nice natural blush colour that would suit anyone with a fair skintone. It's quite pigmented too, so you only need a very small amount.
The bronzer I use to contour. It's the perfect colour for me, not too dark or too orange and is really nice as a contour.

Diamond Perfect Finish:


Diamonds are a girl's best friend! This is amazing. It is a beautiful, finely milled powder made from real diamonds!. Really nice as a setting powder, and feels so luxurious on the skin. A little goes a long way and it really gives a gorgeous airbrushed looking finish. If you can only afford to buy one product from Purely Cosmetics, it HAS to be this! You will not regret it. I seriously cannot recommend this enough, will be buying one as soon as this one is finished. Imagine how my clients will react when I say that I'm actually using diamonds on their skin!

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Purely Cosmetics products, it's a really beautiful line.
My favourites were definitely the Diamond Perfect Finish (duh!) and the Yellow Color Corrector. Check them out at, and discover how amazing these are for yourself.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

NOTD: French Manicure with Dots!

I bought these awesome dotting tools off ebay - they were only like $3 NZD for a pack of 5! Bargain!! So of course I had to give them a go:


I used:
  • Pinnacle French Twist - as a base colour. I honestly hate these nail polishes, they're streaky and horrible. But it worked ok for this.
  • Santee White - on the tips. These are my favourite cheap nail polishes. They go on so nicely.
  • Chinaglaze Bad Landing - for the polka dots. This is the only Chinaglaze nail polish I own, I seriously want them all now!
  • KleanColor Clear - as a top coat. Pretty decent for only $3 NZD!
Pretty cute and simple, and it has stayed on really well! Usually my nail polish chips off within a couple of hours - but this has stayed on for 2 days now without chipping at all - yay!!
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Old Reliables: Foundations and Concealers

In the second instalment of 'Old Reliables', we take a look at a couple of my favourite foundations and concealers that I've continued to use on a regular basis over the years.

First up is MAC Face and Body Foundation

This is actually my everyday foundation and has been ever since I discovered it back in early 2009. Face and Body is a sheer, water-based foundation that is suitable for any skin type. Even though it's sheer, it's very buildable and you're easily able to get any coverage you want.
I've actually got the other women in my family hooked on this foundation after using it on them, it's especially beautiful on mature skin - really gives a gorgeous dewy look. Even on my own oily skin, I find this to be a really decent foundation. Recommend to all, this is always in my makeup kit.

Graftobian HD Warm Foundation Super Palette


If I want flawless skin, this is what I reach for. Originally bought for my professional makeup kit, I couldn't resist using it on myself too. Creams are soo versatile, I can't help but love them.
My favourite way to apply this is to mix it with Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion - and apply with a beauty blender sponge or a duo-fibre brush. When applied this way, I find that it gives you the 'my own skin - but better!' look, which is what I always go for. I absolutely despise the whole 'cake face' look, natural is always the way to go if you ask me.
This palette can also be used to contour and highlight, and it also makes an amazing concealer - this will cover anything! Highly recommend this for your professional kit, and the individual pots or smaller palettes for personal use.

Ben Nye Concealer Palette

Ben Nye is such a good quality, well priced brand. I've never been disappointed with any of their products yet, and wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. This especially, is one of my favourites. The colours in here blend well and are just the right consistency - not too creamy and not too dry. When followed with the Ben Nye Neutral Set - this concealer does NOT move.
I love it!

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer

For like a year, this was the only concealer I used. Like the Ben Nye concealer it blends very easily, but it's much creamier. So setting is a MUST. A little goes a long way and it's quite easy to use too much - so start with a teeeny amount and apply more as needed. The thing I've noticed with this concealer is that the NW shades are much more pink-based than the other NW concealers that MAC make - so if you have a yellow undertone like me, the NW shades really can only be used on dark undereye circles. For blemishes and redness, you will need an NC shade.
My only real complaint is that I hate the packaging, glass jars are too heavy to carry around everywhere and I find that they do dry out quicker. Still the product itself, hasn't really failed me yet!

Thanks for viewing, stay tuned for the next instalment!


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