Monday, July 27, 2009

OCC Lip Tars – The Beginning Of An Obsession

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are a brand I recently discovered thanks to some fabulous bloggers, youtubers and the always informative – Model Mayhem forum.
Their Lip Tars immediately got my attention.

“A stunning new innovation in lip color, OCC Lip Tar combines the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. Goes on slick and moist, and dries down to a satin finish. Ultra-saturated in color, OCC Lip Tar contains an unprecedented amount of pigment, so a little goes a very, very long way. An intense yet featherweight layer of color that stands up to the scrutiny of Hi-Def Video and Digital Photography, without ever looking (or feeling!) heavy. Meant to be mixed, OCC Lip Tars come in concise range of colors (and black and white!) for a limitless selection of shades made by you!”

With an introduction like that, who wouldn’t be intrigued?? They also mention that they’re 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free! :D

Upon receiving the 8 lip tars I ordered from camerareadycosmetics, I realised that the description of these was COMPLETELY 100% true.
They are by far the most amazing lip product I have ever tried. Period.
The pigment is insane. The tiny amount needed is just… crazy. I truly did not expect these lip tars to be as good as everyone makes them out to be, but they really are.

Onto the colours I chose:
Clear – obviously for mixing


Feathered – again obviously for mixing


Tarred – fabulous for darkening any of the colours. Plus how awesome would this be for a gothic photoshoot? :o


NSFW – I could NOT resist this. As well as being great for mixing, this is the PERFECT red!


RX – Everyone needs the primary colours!

rx rx-swatch

Traffic – Primary colour again

traffic traffic-swatch

Katricia – I couldn’t say no to this. Bit gutted that Pageant was sold out, wanted that too :(

katricia katricia-swatch

Uber – I just needed this.

uber uber-swatch

I am so in love with these, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied until I own every single lip tar they make. And wouldn’t ya know it, they just released some new colours! Make sure you check out their site here!
We all need lip tars in our lives!!

I’ll be posting swatches of the colours I mix, so be sure to come back and check them out.
Thanks for viewing!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Review: Napoelon Perdis Cake Eyeliner Sealer


Napoleon Perdis Cake Eyeliner Sealer turns cake eyeliner and regular eyeshadows into a liquid liner. It also waterproofs them and can be mixed with loose eyeshadows/pigments and used as mascara.

I bought this last year and have used it A LOT. It does exactly what it says it does with great results.
I have one huge problem with it though. The price. For around $25NZD you get a measly 15ml! That is ridiculous.
I’ve also heard that Napoleon Perdis cosmetics are actually just repackaged La Femme products anyway. I find that quite appalling considering the huge price difference between the two brands.

For that reason I will not be repurchasing this. I may however look into purchasing the La Femme version of this and compare the two, as the product itself is wonderful, just a complete rip off. :P

Have you tried this or other Napoleon products?? What are your views on them?

Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review: Graftobian HD Foundation Super Palette


Being a makeup artist is fantastic, but I am sick of carrying around a million different foundations in my kit! Not only is it hard on my back but it makes finding the perfect shade a huge hassle.

This lead me on the hunt for a foundation palette. After reading lots of reviews I finally settled on the Graftobian High Definition Warm Foundation Super Palette.
This palette contains all 18 shades in their colour range of warm shades, which will cover almost every skin tone, with the option of easy mixing since it’s in palette form.
Each colour has enough product for around 12 applications, and all colours can be bought individually in larger amounts (around 7 times the amount in the palette) so refilling it isn’t a problem.

These foundations are made for high definition film and photography making them perfect for everyday use as well. The coverage is amazing (no need for concealer with these babies!) and they can easily be thinned down with a moisturiser for a sheerer finish. 
With cream foundations (especially high definition ones like these) it is important to remember that as these are very highly pigmented, a little goes a very long way. Too much product and the skin will appear and feel oily.
Personally I prefer to apply cream foundations with sponges as I find that I can get a more flawless finish than I can with a brush.

I am thrilled with this palette so far, and I can’t wait to use it on more clients. I would definitely recommend this to all makeup artists. For anyone else who’s looking for a great, full coverage foundation, check out the individual ones I mentioned earlier.

You can find this palette online at Makeup and Glow and Camerareadycosmetics. Both sites offer samples of these foundations. :)

Big thanks to all my followers!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fabulous Prize – Thanks Makeup Mama!

So the other day I got the most amazing prize package from the beautiful Makeup Mama (Steph)! And of course my camera batteries were dead and I had to wait til they charged! Typical!
Anyway here’s what I got:

All of it together

Close ups:

Coolest thing I’ve ever seen! A little matchbook looking thing that has nail files in it instead of matches! HOW CUTE IS THIS?!


An awesome pair of revlon false nails!


Some really cool Revlon lashes!


An awesome glitter liner!


Kiss Me Mascara! A very cute little sample sized one! Almost too cute to use!


And a Kiss Me Eyeliner! Also almost too cute to use!


And a GORGEOUS Starry U.S.A Boutique Colors eyeshadow palette! Look at those pretty colours! You would not believe how pigmented this is, I will definitely be doing a FOTD with this!


And that’s everything! How lucky am I? Thanks again Makeup Mama, I could not have asked for a more amazing prize package! oxo

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My June Favourites!

First day of July! (Here in NZ anyway!) I can’t believe how fast this year is going!
Here are my favourite products from the month of June:

  • MAC Pigment in Violet

  • Ben Nye Neutral Set

  • Designer Brands Lipstick in Lilac Mist

  • Neutrogena Rapid Clear Spot Gel


What were your favourite products in June?


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