Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review: Graftobian HD Foundation Super Palette


Being a makeup artist is fantastic, but I am sick of carrying around a million different foundations in my kit! Not only is it hard on my back but it makes finding the perfect shade a huge hassle.

This lead me on the hunt for a foundation palette. After reading lots of reviews I finally settled on the Graftobian High Definition Warm Foundation Super Palette.
This palette contains all 18 shades in their colour range of warm shades, which will cover almost every skin tone, with the option of easy mixing since it’s in palette form.
Each colour has enough product for around 12 applications, and all colours can be bought individually in larger amounts (around 7 times the amount in the palette) so refilling it isn’t a problem.

These foundations are made for high definition film and photography making them perfect for everyday use as well. The coverage is amazing (no need for concealer with these babies!) and they can easily be thinned down with a moisturiser for a sheerer finish. 
With cream foundations (especially high definition ones like these) it is important to remember that as these are very highly pigmented, a little goes a very long way. Too much product and the skin will appear and feel oily.
Personally I prefer to apply cream foundations with sponges as I find that I can get a more flawless finish than I can with a brush.

I am thrilled with this palette so far, and I can’t wait to use it on more clients. I would definitely recommend this to all makeup artists. For anyone else who’s looking for a great, full coverage foundation, check out the individual ones I mentioned earlier.

You can find this palette online at Makeup and Glow and Camerareadycosmetics. Both sites offer samples of these foundations. :)

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  1. It really looks amazing! Fantastical palette!

  2. I have a foundation palette in my kit but the colour range is very limited. I've been looking to replace it with this or with the RCMA foundations. I will definitely look into this palette as a replacement of the one that I have.

    How light is the lightest shade in this palette?

  3. Anastacia - It really is amazing! I love it!

    Naomi Alecia - I'll copy and paste this comment onto your blog too incase you don't check back here.
    This palette is fantastic, I would definitely recommend it. I too was looking into the RCMA palettes and the main reason I chose this instead of those is because it's supposed to be far easier and more convenient to use.
    If you are familiar with MAC foundations (sorry, most common brand I can think of comparing this to) then the lightest colour in the palette would be comparable to C15 with the second lightest colour being comparable to NC15. I hope that helps! :)

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

  4. Thanks for the clarification. I think that I may get this as the palette that I currently have only has eight foundations in it an sometimes, liquid just doesn't cut it.

  5. I know exactly what you mean Naomi, I would much rather have cream foundations in my kit than liquid ones. They're so much more versatile. I can add moisturiser to make them more sheer if needed and there's no real need for a seperate concealer as these can cover almost anything. :)

  6. I find it so cool that you're a make-up artist!! I learned about you blog from Megs Makeup and I am now following you!

  7. Thanks hun! Awesome to see another girl from Megs Makeup on here! :)

  8. I need to get something like this.. when you do other people make-up (or when your getting tanned) this would come in sooo handy!!

    Bobbi Brown does one but its very thick and a bit greasy!

  9. Heck yeah! It's really awesome. :D I love palettes in general tbh. :P

    Never seen the Bobbi Brown one but I imagine this would be far better value for money! (Bobbi Brown is ridiculously expensive here) :P

  10. I've jsut gotten all three of these palettes and I am well excited!!! Love my RCMA palettes these ones promise to be even better! Loving your blog!!!!!

  11. Deborah - Don't you just adore palettes? I reckon they make life SO much easier! :P Thanks btw! :D

  12. do you still like this palette? Are you still using it? I was just wondering if you think it has a matte, semi-matte or dewy finish?
    and have you tried the dual finish powders?

  13. killinxspree - I still love this palette and use it all the time. It's so convenient having foundations in palette form because you can see all the colours at once. :D
    I would say it has more of a semi-matte finish, that can also be dewy if you mix it with other products.
    I haven't tried the dual finish powders yet but I'm definitely thinking about getting them.

  14. thanks for replying so quick, it sounds like a good foundation so i just ordered a sample from camera ready cosmetics! =)

  15. Hi. I just purchased this palette. What are you using to set the foundation (if anything)? The dual finish powder palette is a little pricier than this one. Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi there Claudia!
    This palette is great, you will not regret it!
    I'm using Ben Nye Neutral Set, which is basically what I always use to set any foundation. It's cheap, professional quality and looks amazing!

  17. Thank you for the fantastic review.
    I've read somewhere that this is not good for acne-prone skin because of petrolatum and lanolin oil in the ingredients. Did you experience any break outs at all while using this? I want to cover my acne scars and dark circles, but I'm afraid that this would give me more break-outs. Thank you!

  18. Hi there! Thanks for your comment! :)
    I didn't personally experience any break outs while using it, and I have oily skin. The best idea, is to use minimal amount of product (which is more than enough anyway!) - that way you're not putting too much on, and you're still getting great coverage.
    And always make sure you always remove all makeup before going to bed! :)


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