Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Bargain Beauty Buy!

You might be getting sick of all the reviews.. I'm wanting to do some FOTD's and maybe tutorials, but I have severe hayfever at the moment. I can't even wear my contact lenses! :(

Anyway, today's Bargain Beauty Buy is Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Lotion!

This moisturiser retails for around $10 at supermarkets around New Zealand. I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of this off their website, and I highly recommend that you request your own sample of it (link at the end of this post) so you can see for yourself how great this is.

The first thing I did when I got this sample today was try it out on my elbows, because they are ridiculously dry to the point of being all like cracked and gross. I was very doubtful that the moisturiser would make them feel any better, if a $32 moisturiser doesn't make them feel smooth, how would a $10 one work??

Well, it did work. Never before have my elbows felt so silky and smooth!! I still can't believe it. This is most definitely one of the best moisturisers I have ever tried. It doesn't have a very strong smell, is absorbed quickly and a little goes a long way!

So what's the verdict? I LOVE THIS! I definitely recommend this product to anyone who has dry skin. The difference once you use it is.. amazing! I will most certainly be buying this next time I'm at a supermarket, that's for sure. :P

Want to try it out for yourself? Click here to get a sample!

Thanks for viewing my blog! Hope this has been a helpful post!


Monday, March 30, 2009

Kryolan Aquacolour Interferenz Palette Review


This palette is amazing. I would even go as far to say that this is one of my favourite items in my makeup kit! :o

Kryolan Aquacolors are water activated and are very highly pigmented. They can be used as an eyeshadow on their own, an eyeshadow base, face paints, an eyeliner and I’ve even used them as a lip colour before!

The Interferenz Palette contains 12 intense colours and like all the Kryolan palettes, it is refillable.

Top Row, From left to right:
YR – a very pretty apricot beige
Strauss Wine – gorgeous fuschia that looks a little similar to the Pink Sunset Eye Dust
Silver Green – light green with a silver tinge to it
Bronze – this is soooo gorgeous, one of the best in the palette. Stunning bright bronze, would look amazing as an eyeliner
B9 – very bright blue! Would be an awesome eyeliner colour
Silver – this is a very white-ish silver, looks beautiful

Bottom Row, From left to right: (this photo hasn’t shown up the colours as good as the top row photo)
Mozart Pink – this is sooo pretty! In real life this colour looks very similar to MAC’s Rose pigment!
RB – beautiful grape purple colour
Verdi Gold – one of my other favourite colours in the palette, a beautiful antique gold
Copper – another one of my favourites, intense copper, looks so much more amazing in person
Bach Blue – can I have another favourite? Because this is one too. xD Stunning turquoise colour, another one that would be great as an eyeliner
Gold – this is a VERY yellow gold, very pretty!

I would recommend this palette to anyone wanting to try Aquacolors, or to anyone who already owns a few, you get a great selection of amazing colours, that can be used in a variety of different ways – definitely well worth the money!

Where can you get them? I bought mine off Fun House Theatrical on ebay for $48.99 USD ($97.98 NZD). As far as I know you can’t get them in stores in New Zealand, so this is the only option!

Thanks for viewing my blog! Hope this has been useful!


Kryolan Eye Dusts – Haul and Review!

Recently I purchased three Kryolan Eye Dusts off Shrinkle on Ebay, and I am LOVING them!

For $7 USD ($14 for us NZ folk) you get a huge 3 grams of pigment! That is insanely good value for money, and in my opinion Kryolan is one of the greatest professional makeup lines out there.

Here are the three colours I purchased:

Robins Egg Blue Eye Dust


This is my least favourite out of the three I bought. It’s a gorgeous turquoise blue colour, but I haven’t really played around with it much yet. The colour pay off doesn’t seem as good as the other two and is also a little harder to apply if you’re using it dry.

Pink Sunset Eye Dust


I LOVE this colour. It’s a gorgeous blue toned pink duo chrome that turns a stunning purple when applied over a black base. I love playing around with this colour, it’s just too cool! Would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Colour-changing Jade Eye Dust


This amazing eye dust changes colour with friction!! Can you believe that? It’s sooo awesome! It starts out a very yellow green (as you see in the picture above) and then the more you rub it with your brush or finger, the greener it becomes! You could come up with so many different looks with just this ONE eye dust, it’s great! If you do not already own this, then hurry along to Shrinkle and get your own, this is a must have item!

With all of these eye dusts I highly recommend applying them over top of a base, so they have something to stick to. In my swatches below, I did NOT use a base and I applied them dry. You can imagine how intense they’d be applied over a base and/or wet!


From L-R: Robins Egg Blue, Pink Sunset, Colour Changing Jade Before friction, and then After friction.

I will definitely be buying some more colours once I get some more money, and be sure to keep an eye on my blog for upcoming looks I’ll be doing using these!

To get your own, head over to Shrinkle! Some eye dusts are available at Minifies in New Zealand and also on Trademe, but to the best of my knowledge they do not stock the colours I got.

Thank you for viewing my blog, I hope you enjoyed this haul and review!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

March Favourites!

My fave products this month have been:


  • Kryolan Eye Dust in ‘Pink Sunset’ (will be reviewing this and the other two eye dusts I purchased soon)


  • MAC Eyeshadow in ‘Amber Lights’


  • Napoleon Perdis Cake Eyeliner Sealer (review coming soon)


  • Kryolan Aquacolour Interferenz Palette (review coming soon)


Thanks for viewing! :)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

FOTD: Natural?

Hey all, whoa, my first ever FOTD :o Might try to do one every now and then, probably weekly!
It’s not a very exciting look, but I was bored and decided to take pics. Ok, I’m not photogenic at all and for some reason my smile always looks fake, but you’ll just have to get used to it! :P
Here’s what I’ve been wearing today :D


closeupeye closeupeye2

Excuse the wrinkles >_>
Products used:

  • MAC Face and Body Foundation in ‘C2’
  • Ben Nye Concealer Palette
  • Revlon Powder in ‘Sand Beige’
  • MAC Hello Kitty Blush in ‘Tippy’
  • Thin Lizzy (LOL) in ‘Dark’ for contouring. About the only thing I’ve ever use Thin Lizzy for :P


  • MAC Paintpot in ‘Painterly’ all over eyelid, up to the brow bone
  • MAC Intriguing Scarlet Palette (from the Passions of Red collection) - ‘Sweet Joy’ all over lid, ‘Warm Suede’ on the inner and outer corners and in the crease, ‘Real Drama’ in the outer crease and on the lower lash line
  • MAC Infatuating Rose Palette (also from the Passions of Red collection) - ‘Satisfy’ as a highlight
  • Shiseido Liquid Liner in Black
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara


  • Purple/brownish lipstick (sorry, I don’t know the name, the label came off)
  • DB Lipgloss in ‘Watermelon’

As you can see I didn’t fill in my brows, even though they desperately need it. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to doing my own makeup, prefer to do it on other people xD

I should do another review soon…
Thanks for viewing!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Tips: Get gorgeous lashes!

Check out these tips :)

  • Take the time to curl your lashes! It honestly makes a HUGE difference. I use a QVS curler that I got from a pharmacy for about $10.
    Start at the base of your lashes, then ‘pump’ the curler as you move out towards the tips. This gives the most natural looking curl.
  • Are your lashes too short to use a curler on? Try two plastic spoons!
    Take one spoon and put it underneath your lashes, put another one on top of the lashes, press them together lightly and after a few seconds, pull them out gently.
  • After curling, immediately brush on waterproof mascara. It will hold the curl much better than a regular mascara!
  • When applying mascara you can avoid making mistakes and getting it everywhere by tilting your head back and looking down into a mirror. Start at the base of the lashes and wiggle the wand through to the tips.
  • Can’t reach all your shorter lashes with your mascara wand? Use one of those little spiral dental brushes instead! (The ones you clean braces with). Just take the regular mascara wand and transfer some mascara onto the spiral brush. This brush will get to all of your short, hard to reach lashes! Especially useful for those lower lashes!
  • Lastly, FAKE IT! Fake eyelashes are not only fun, but they can look really natural too if you choose the right ones!

Well I hope this has helped some of you! If you have any more tips be sure to leave a comment :)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I LOVE doing photoshoots and thought some of you might like to see the ones I’ve done so far! Let me know what you think. :)

mm5mm6mm2mm3 mm1 mm7 mm8 mm4 mm10 mm12mm11

Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quick Tip: Undereye circles!

Got nasty undereye circles that you can’t seem to get rid of??
Try this:

  • First, apply eye moisturiser/gel to your eye area with your ring finger. Use whichever one you prefer, at the moment I’m using a Nivea one that I have about a million samples of (thank you, fashion week!).
  • Next grab an ORANGE LIPSTICK (one that doesn’t have shimmer) and apply a tiny bit directly onto your undereye circles. Only put it on the blue/dark part.
  • Finally, put concealer overtop of it (always use a warm based concealer a shade lighter than your skintone for undereyes) and set with powder

Why does this work?? Orange neutralises blue, so applying this before you apply concealer to the area will make your dark undereye circles disappear!

If you have any other tips for covering up undereye circles, or any recommendations for eye gel/moisturisers, then please leave a comment below!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bargain Beauty Buy!

So each week I am going to post a Bargain Beauty Buy - an item so cheap (yet worth every cent) that you simply MUST have!

This weeks Bargain Beauty Buy is:

Santee Plus Nail Lacquer $3.00 NZD

These are honestly, without a doubt, the best value nail polishes money can buy. They come in a HUGE range of gorgeous colours, are non-streaky and go on smoothly and effortlessly. I'm one of those people who is usually quite terrible at applying nail polish (I don't know what it is, but I usually manage to muck it up) but with these, making a mistake is practically impossible.

The three colours I have, from left to right are: M68 Beach Blue (Beautiful turquoise colour), M2 Rainbow Pink (My favourite, a stunning light pink with a tinge of gold in it) and M64 Beach Pink (Bright Fuschia)

You can purchase them at dollar stores around New Zealand, not every store stocks them, it pays to hunt around. You can also purchase them on ebay.


M.A.C Face and Body Foundation

As a makeup artist, I am always on the look out for a foundation that will give my clients a flawless finish. I have definitely found this in M.A.C's Face And Body Foundation. I use this on myself as well as a lot of my clients (I'm still re-stocking my kit so need to get more colours) and I get a gorgeous result everytime.

Face And Body Foundation is a water-based, water-resistant foundation that comes in a wide range of colours and is suitable for any skin type. It goes on sheer at first, but you can keep building it up until you reach the coverage you desire! And since its for the body too, if you need to even out the skin tone on your chest, or anywhere else, this is perfect.

Now for $75.00 NZD, this may seem a little pricy. But with this product a little goes a long way! And it comes in a huge 120ml bottle, so think of this as an investment!


M.A.C Hello Kitty Haul and Review

Yay! My first real blog post (welcome message so doesn't count!)

This is the one collection I had REALLY been looking forward to. The Hello Kitty collection by M.A.C is probably the cutest collection I've seen from them. The packaging is just so adorable. See for yourself:

The collection includes:
  • 6 lipsticks
  • 6 lipglasses
  • 2 tinted lip conditioners
  • 2 eyeshadow palettes (each containing four eyeshadows)
  • 2 pigments
  • 2 reflect glitters
  • 4 glitter liners
  • 2 beauty powder blushes
  • 2 beauty powders
  • 3 nail polishes
  • false lashes
  • mascara
It also includes a range of accessories including a Hello Kitty Brush Collection (which includes 3 brushes!)

I only ended up purchasing three items from this collection: A Beauty Powder Blush in 'Tippy', and two lipsticks - 'Big Bow' and 'Fresh Brew'. The reason I didn't purchase more was because I wasn't really that impressed with the colour pay off. In my opinion, the packaging is more appealing than the product itself in this case.
But in saying that I really do love the stuff I bought, and if I had more money I would go and buy the brush collection. :P

Ok, some more info about the products I bought:

Beauty Powder Blush in 'Tippy' $44.00 NZD

Favourite thing I purchased from this collection, for sure. This blush is a gorgeous mid tone blue pink colour that goes on lightly at first with the option to build up the colour if you prefer. I have literally worn this almost every day since buying it, it seems to look good with EVERYTHING.

Lipstick in 'Fresh Brew' $38.00 NZD

Fresh Brew is a creamy coffee colour. I bought this because I wanted a nude lipstick and this one was the closest to a nude in the collection. It's still not as nude as I'd like it to be, and is more sheer than I'd like, but it is a really nice colour that would suit most people. It also feels really nice on and isn't drying at all.
This is not a Limited Edition colour like most of the collection, but it IS in Limited Edition packaging so if, like me, you're a sucker for packaging and want a nice nude, I'd recommend you get this.

Lipstick in 'Big Bow' $38.00 NZD

Big Bow is a sheer bright blue intense pink. I saw this colour and knew instantly that I HAD to have it. It is a sheer lipstick but is buildable, so because of this most of us can get away with wearing this gorgeous bright lipstick. Like Fresh Brew it feels really nice on but unlike Fresh Brew this is a Limited Edition colour, so get in quick if you don't wanna miss out.

Below are some swatches. From top to bottom: Tippy (blush), Fresh Brew (lipstick) and Big Bow lipstick)

Left -Right: With Flash, Without Flash

The photos don't do Big Bow justice, it really is much nicer in person!

Well guys, hope you enjoyed my first review! Some products from the Hello Kitty collection have sold out in stores already, so go check it out before you miss out!



Hi everyone and Welcome to my blog!

My name is Christel and I'm a 21 year old makeup artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. Makeup is my number one passion, which is probably why I'm broke a lot of the time! Haha!

I'm really excited about this blog, as it will give me a chance to share my thoughts on all things to do with makeup and beauty. As well as let me showcase some of my work with you all!

Hopefully this blog will be a helpful resource for anyone who is interested in makeup and beauty, please feel free to comment me at any time, ask me any questions and if I don't know the answer I'll direct you to someone who does!


As a side note, I am available for photoshoots, film and tv, weddings, ball makeups, events... and anything else that involves makeup! So if you want my help you can contact me on Model Mayhem or directly via email (makeupper@gmail.com)


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