Monday, March 30, 2009

Kryolan Eye Dusts – Haul and Review!

Recently I purchased three Kryolan Eye Dusts off Shrinkle on Ebay, and I am LOVING them!

For $7 USD ($14 for us NZ folk) you get a huge 3 grams of pigment! That is insanely good value for money, and in my opinion Kryolan is one of the greatest professional makeup lines out there.

Here are the three colours I purchased:

Robins Egg Blue Eye Dust


This is my least favourite out of the three I bought. It’s a gorgeous turquoise blue colour, but I haven’t really played around with it much yet. The colour pay off doesn’t seem as good as the other two and is also a little harder to apply if you’re using it dry.

Pink Sunset Eye Dust


I LOVE this colour. It’s a gorgeous blue toned pink duo chrome that turns a stunning purple when applied over a black base. I love playing around with this colour, it’s just too cool! Would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Colour-changing Jade Eye Dust


This amazing eye dust changes colour with friction!! Can you believe that? It’s sooo awesome! It starts out a very yellow green (as you see in the picture above) and then the more you rub it with your brush or finger, the greener it becomes! You could come up with so many different looks with just this ONE eye dust, it’s great! If you do not already own this, then hurry along to Shrinkle and get your own, this is a must have item!

With all of these eye dusts I highly recommend applying them over top of a base, so they have something to stick to. In my swatches below, I did NOT use a base and I applied them dry. You can imagine how intense they’d be applied over a base and/or wet!


From L-R: Robins Egg Blue, Pink Sunset, Colour Changing Jade Before friction, and then After friction.

I will definitely be buying some more colours once I get some more money, and be sure to keep an eye on my blog for upcoming looks I’ll be doing using these!

To get your own, head over to Shrinkle! Some eye dusts are available at Minifies in New Zealand and also on Trademe, but to the best of my knowledge they do not stock the colours I got.

Thank you for viewing my blog, I hope you enjoyed this haul and review!


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