Monday, March 30, 2009

Kryolan Aquacolour Interferenz Palette Review


This palette is amazing. I would even go as far to say that this is one of my favourite items in my makeup kit! :o

Kryolan Aquacolors are water activated and are very highly pigmented. They can be used as an eyeshadow on their own, an eyeshadow base, face paints, an eyeliner and I’ve even used them as a lip colour before!

The Interferenz Palette contains 12 intense colours and like all the Kryolan palettes, it is refillable.

Top Row, From left to right:
YR – a very pretty apricot beige
Strauss Wine – gorgeous fuschia that looks a little similar to the Pink Sunset Eye Dust
Silver Green – light green with a silver tinge to it
Bronze – this is soooo gorgeous, one of the best in the palette. Stunning bright bronze, would look amazing as an eyeliner
B9 – very bright blue! Would be an awesome eyeliner colour
Silver – this is a very white-ish silver, looks beautiful

Bottom Row, From left to right: (this photo hasn’t shown up the colours as good as the top row photo)
Mozart Pink – this is sooo pretty! In real life this colour looks very similar to MAC’s Rose pigment!
RB – beautiful grape purple colour
Verdi Gold – one of my other favourite colours in the palette, a beautiful antique gold
Copper – another one of my favourites, intense copper, looks so much more amazing in person
Bach Blue – can I have another favourite? Because this is one too. xD Stunning turquoise colour, another one that would be great as an eyeliner
Gold – this is a VERY yellow gold, very pretty!

I would recommend this palette to anyone wanting to try Aquacolors, or to anyone who already owns a few, you get a great selection of amazing colours, that can be used in a variety of different ways – definitely well worth the money!

Where can you get them? I bought mine off Fun House Theatrical on ebay for $48.99 USD ($97.98 NZD). As far as I know you can’t get them in stores in New Zealand, so this is the only option!

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