Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick Tips: Get gorgeous lashes!

Check out these tips :)

  • Take the time to curl your lashes! It honestly makes a HUGE difference. I use a QVS curler that I got from a pharmacy for about $10.
    Start at the base of your lashes, then ‘pump’ the curler as you move out towards the tips. This gives the most natural looking curl.
  • Are your lashes too short to use a curler on? Try two plastic spoons!
    Take one spoon and put it underneath your lashes, put another one on top of the lashes, press them together lightly and after a few seconds, pull them out gently.
  • After curling, immediately brush on waterproof mascara. It will hold the curl much better than a regular mascara!
  • When applying mascara you can avoid making mistakes and getting it everywhere by tilting your head back and looking down into a mirror. Start at the base of the lashes and wiggle the wand through to the tips.
  • Can’t reach all your shorter lashes with your mascara wand? Use one of those little spiral dental brushes instead! (The ones you clean braces with). Just take the regular mascara wand and transfer some mascara onto the spiral brush. This brush will get to all of your short, hard to reach lashes! Especially useful for those lower lashes!
  • Lastly, FAKE IT! Fake eyelashes are not only fun, but they can look really natural too if you choose the right ones!

Well I hope this has helped some of you! If you have any more tips be sure to leave a comment :)


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  1. fantastic tips!!!! thank you so much! :)))) I have never tried false lashes and I really want to, very soon! :) Great blog!!! ^_^Hugs from Greece.! :)


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