Monday, July 20, 2009

Review: Napoelon Perdis Cake Eyeliner Sealer


Napoleon Perdis Cake Eyeliner Sealer turns cake eyeliner and regular eyeshadows into a liquid liner. It also waterproofs them and can be mixed with loose eyeshadows/pigments and used as mascara.

I bought this last year and have used it A LOT. It does exactly what it says it does with great results.
I have one huge problem with it though. The price. For around $25NZD you get a measly 15ml! That is ridiculous.
I’ve also heard that Napoleon Perdis cosmetics are actually just repackaged La Femme products anyway. I find that quite appalling considering the huge price difference between the two brands.

For that reason I will not be repurchasing this. I may however look into purchasing the La Femme version of this and compare the two, as the product itself is wonderful, just a complete rip off. :P

Have you tried this or other Napoleon products?? What are your views on them?

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  1. I really like this too, but I also hate how it's all repackaged, it's such a turn off.

    I used to really like the loose dusts, but found it not as good as MAC pigments which I feel are worth buying instead.

  2. I've tried the eye shadows, lip glosses and lipsticks. I really like the like the lipstick. It had nice pigmentation and wasn't drying on the lips. The eyeshadows are also pigmented and there is a nice assortment of colours. I didn't like the lip glosses very much; the pigmentation are really good but they are extremely sticky.

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies! :D
    Mia - It really is a turn off! Especially since they claim that it's their own unique brand. I don't like that at all!
    I too prefer the MAC pigments to those.

    Naomi - I can't decide whether I like the eyeshadows or not. Think it might just be the matte ones that I'm not too keen on.
    I too have tried the lipsticks and quite liked them! They felt really nice on.
    Haven't tried the lip glosses before but since you mentioned the stickiness, I'll probably avoid them. I can't stand really sticky lip glosses..

  4. This sounds cool-because of all the coloured liners you could make with the mac pigments,also my liquid liner is always going a wall so a good sealer would stop me looking like a zombie.But since you say theres a cheaper version,Ill wait and see how you get on with it.I know what you mean about sticky lipglosses,I had a clear one by philosophy(it came with a lip and cheek stain)and it was like superglue,one gust of wind and my hair was sticking to my lips like cousin it or something.

  5. i have only tried the NP products at Target - never heard of thsi one but it is a shame that it's so pricey

  6. I never try Napoleon Perdis, too expensive. But Im waiting for my La Femme blushers :D so excited !

  7. Potionprincess - yeah it's truly a fantastic product! I will definitely try the cheaper one, hopefully soon! :P

    Miss Yaya - yeah, damn Napoleon ripping us all off :(

    Meri L - Oh I'm so jealous! I went to order the La Femme blush palette off camerareadycosmetics and they were sold out! Damn! :P

    Thanks for the comments ladies! oxo

  8. wow, thanks for the call-out, hun! That is great info. I've heard great things about LaFemme.


  9. No worries Farmgirl! :D
    I'm just dying to get that La Femme blush palette.. :P

  10. I use the foundation from NP but at $60 a pop, I leave it for good occasions. Everyday wear I use the Masquerade brand which is the same formulation!
    Currently waiting on La Femme eyshadows and blush, which I've heard are the same things and at a couple of dollars, well worth the gamble


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