Sunday, October 18, 2009

What cleanser are you using??

Big hello to all my gorgeous followers! I’m in need of your advice!

My skin is getting really sensitive lately. I used to use the Clinique skincare range without any problems, but lately my skin has started reacting to it. It gets all red and hot and my usually oily t-zone area is now really dry. Have you had this happen to you??

I decided to switch to this, in the hope that it would help:


My skin has definitely calmed down a little since I started using this but I’ve noticed that sometimes my skin doesn’t feel very clean afterwards…

So now I’m on the hunt for another cleanser to try. Something that won’t irritate my skin and will leave it feeling clean and fresh. Do you have any suggestions? What do you use??

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Have you tried using an oil cleanser? That's what I do when my skin is really sensitive and irritated.

  2. La Roche Posay makes some really great cleansers. I'm using the Tolerane Purifying Foaming Cleanser for Intolerant Combination/Oily skin.

  3. Glossqueen - No I haven't actually, can you tell me more about the oil cleanser you use??

    Naomi - I'm going to check them out now, thanks! :D

  4. I am using MD Forumulations at the moment- but it has glycolic acid in it to keep my skin clear so it wouldn't help if your skin was sensitive... hmmm maybe you could try something from Lush or the Body Shop with natural ingredients so it's more soothing??

  5. Sarah - I might do that actually! I'll use any excuse to take a trip to the Body Shop! :P

    Thanks ladies, I appreciate the help!

  6. So far my favorite oil cleanser is by Moo Goo, but it's Australian and I'm not sure if that's available where you are. In the past I've used Jurlique Rose oil and any brand of jojoba oil. They can leave your skin a bit oily but you can just rinse the oil off.

    I thought of another cleanser that might work for you too, it's Clarin's Pure Melt. That goes on like a gel and then turns to a liquid on contact with water. I've found it to be great when my skin is irritated.

  7. GlossQueen - Thanks for all the info/recommendations!
    I looked at the Moo Goo website and I think I might contact them and see if they'd ship here. In the meantime I'll try that jojoba oil you mentioned. :D
    I'll also check out that Clarin's Pure Melt, I like the idea of a gel.
    Thanks again, much appreciated!

  8. I use a Clean & Clear cleanser.

  9. This Cetaphil cleanser does not give me the clean and fresh face feeling I'm looking for in a cleanser. I'm using mark Purifying Gel Cleanser for now, but I'm not totally loving it. It smells... weird... not bad, but weird! But I LOVE Garnier cleansers.

  10. Rai - I used to use a Clean & Clear cleanser but my skin reacted to it. So annoying!

    Gaby - What garnier cleansers do you like?
    The only one I've used is the Clean & Soft cleansing milk and I didn't really like it. I do however LOVE the Clean Sensitive 2-in-1 eye makeup remover.

    Tali - I'm gonna have to check out Lush now too!

    Thanks for all your suggestions ladies! :D

  11. I like La Roche Posay cleanser products!
    I wrote a review on Kanebo cleansers today on my blog, just in case you want to have a look. :)

  12. Catanya - I'm heading over now to check it out! Thanks for your comment! :)

  13. I have used Vichy cleanser in the past and it was very good (a gel one) also La roche Posay, like two other girls said, make nice products, I've tried their gel cleanser which is for oilier skins, and it made my skin a bit tight because I have drier skin heehee But still it was great! :) hm Oil cleansers seem to be getting more popular.. Now I'm using Garnier cleanser (the pink one but I prefer the green one )


  14. if your face is oily i really recommend St Ives Apricot Scrub!


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