Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi everyone!
I just thought I’d let you all know what I’ve been up to and what’s coming up within the next month or so.

I’ve been on holiday – it was amaazing! Loved it so much and to be honest, I’m sad to be back home and back to reality. :P
I sprained my left ankle as soon as I got home. I am so damn clumsy! I was unpacking the car and somehow managed to trip and fall off the deck straight onto my ankle. It hurt like crazy! Wasn’t able to walk until the next day, had an x-ray and luckily it showed no sign of a fracture! Yay! :D I couldn’t even imagine how much it would suck to be stuck in a cast for the rest of the summer!! The swelling and bruising is still pretty bad though. Apparently it can take 3-6 weeks for a sprain to heal? I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t take that long!

I’m currently trying to organise some photoshoots with my photographer friend, Rouan. I’m hoping to get both some more natural and more creative looks in my portfolio, so it will be fun to work with him! And I will be sure to post the results of any photoshoots on here so you all can have a look and tell me what you think! The only sad thing is I’ll have to wait until my ankle is feeling better before I can do anything!! Argh!

Another thing I’m going to be doing is looking for a part time/full time job, so if I don’t post as often as I’d like, the reason will be that I’m busy doing that. :P It’s sad that I can’t make enough money by just doing makeup artistry at the moment, but that’s my goal for the future, to be able to get by JUST by doing what I love – makeup! :D

Ok, enough of that boring stuff, let’s talk about what’s in store for my blog over the next couple of months!

  • I’m going to be having my first giveaway! Just shopping around for the prize and then will be posting it hopefully next week. It will run for 4-6 weeks (haven’t quite decided) and I’m hoping that every single one of you enter! :D
  • In a couple of months time (hopefully) I will be having a contest on my blog. In order to enter you will have to do a makeup look on yourself based on a theme and will need to send me at least 2 photos of the gorgeous look you create! I will then post all the entries on my blog and you, my wonderful readers, will vote for your favourite and decide who wins. Exciting! I would love some ideas for themes, so please comment me with some :D
  • I will be reviewing a lot of new products and will try to post at least one review a week. I love trying new stuff and letting you all know what I think of it! :P
  • FOTDs/NOTDs/EOTDs will most likely be less frequent, I always forget to take photos!! I will try to remember to take photos more often so I can post them on here.

So yeah, that’s about it really! I will post more updates now and then too so you all know what’s happening. :)

If there are any products you’d like to see a review on, please let me know and if I have it (or can afford to buy it, hehe) I will post a review on it asap! :D

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Aw, that's awful you sprained your ankle. I would just die if I sprained/broke anything. Thankfully I haven't because I'm a clumsy fool too. :( lol

    Can't wait for the Giveaway & Contest and future posts!

  2. Being clumsy is so damn annoying!! :P I've broken my arm before but this sprained ankle is WAY more annoying!
    Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner actually, my computer has been playing up a lot lately!
    Giveaway is up if you're interested! :D

  3. I loving it´s kit!!!!


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