Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fave Five!

I had to have today off work, to have my latest lot of injections, so I thought I would start my new series - Fave Five! I'm basically just going to be listing my five favourite things from the past week, I was going to do it monthly - but then I might not get around to it at all!
  1. The mighty All Blacks!! Never in my life have I been so proud to be a kiwi. I'm so stoked that we won the Rugby World Cup 2011 on Sunday night. Good on ya boys!

    Gosh they're a handsome bunch aren't they? BONUS! :P
  2. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs!

    This stuff is actually amazing. It looks surprisingly natural and gives me just enough colour so I don't look like Casper the ghost. Highly recommend!
  3. Bangles from Equip

    These were actually on sale for $5.00, which is why I bought them really. I hardly ever buy jewellery that isn't on sale. Hahaha. :P I'm a huge fan of turquoise - it makes me feel really summery.

  4. Pulp Shoes from Hannahs

    I confess.. I actually saw these in the latest Hannahs catalogue and immediately fell in love with them. They were $59.99 – which is pretty expensive really… but I couldn’t resist! I was possessed by the shoe demon! Lucky I love them so much. :P

  5. Satsuma Body Butter from The Body Shop

    Have you ever smelt this? It’s amaaaazing. The thing I’ve always loved about The Body Shop body butters is that they smell just as good on, as they do in the pots! Passionfruit was my previous favourite, but since they’ve stopped selling it in New Zealand (and maybe the rest of the world?) – I’ve now moved onto this. Loving it!

Thanks for viewing!!

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