Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Latest MAC Additions To My Kit

With it being ball season here in NZ, I’m trying to stock up on eyeshadows and pigments (what a great excuse!), and to be completely honest with you MAC is basically the best you can get when it comes to eye makeup, atleast in New Zealand it is anyway. I’m so jealous of all you people who have access to Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay and all those other amazing brands!!

Anyway, onto what I got:

Top Row, L – R: Bio Green (Pro), Steamy (can be seen in my FOTD here), Greensmoke, Red Brick (Pro), Handwritten.
Middle row, L – R: Beautiful Iris, Creme De Violet, Woodwinked, Honey Lust and Goldmine
Bottom Row, L – R: Ricepaper and the yet to be depotted Carbon.

And the pigments:

Top Row: Mutiny (Rose Romance collection) and Kelly Green (Pro)
Bottom Row: Golden Olive, Violet (can be seen in my FOTD here)

My wallet is hurting right now. Lol :P
If you wanna see swatches of everything, let me know! Thanks for viewing!



  1. Awww Christel, thankyou SO much for your sweet, kind words on my last post!! Ohh it is so scary to think how many people credit card fraud has happened to, I'm so glad your parents got their money back, I hope I do too! Thanks so much, you are a true sweetie pie!! I lovee all these colours, those pigments are to die for!!! Ooooh yes your wallet would be hurting!!! bBut atleast you will look super duper pretty, like always :)

  2. Creme de violet really stands out!! I need to get it!

  3. Love the palette & pigments! Any reason is a good reason to buy makeup!!!!

  4. Ooooh love all your MAC.
    Overall I like MAC, but I have one sucky eyeshadow from them though. lol

  5. It's called Stomp... it's discontinued now. lol

  6. Hehe, this must be one of those rare times where it might actually be a good thing that MAC discontinued an item! :P


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