Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blogger Awards + A Little Update

The lovely Lisa nominated me for three blogger awards, how sweet is that?! Check out her awesome blog HERE!

Beautiful Blogger Award*:
1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
2. Put the award on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Share 7 ‘interesting’ facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 other bloggers

*Sunshine Award*:
1. Post the logo on your Blog
2. Pass it to 7 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know

*I ♥ You! Award*:
1. Post award on your blog
2. Link the person who has given you the award
3. Pass the award to 7 other blogs you've newly discovered
4. Remember to contact the bloggers you've nominated

7 Interesting Facts About Me
1. I hate, hate, hate, HATE tomatoes. But I love making tomato relish for my family. I”m getting into preserving/making jams and stuff. I’m such a Nana. :P
2. I love WWE. xD Randy Orton is one fine looking man. >_>
3. I have thought about doing youtube vids before, but every video I ever see of myself makes me cringe – my voice sounds crazy! Plus I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face xD I admire those of you who do youtube vids – it takes a lot of guts!
4. I got really sick at the end of 2008 (with a massive airways infection and was in bed for like a month or two) and I still haven’t fully recovered from it. It left me with asthma and apparently air isn’t going all the way to the bottom of my lungs or something? It annoys me, I just wanna get healthy!!
5. I make a lot of different things – jewellery, softies/plushies, anything really! I’m also a huge baking fan and try to bake atleast once a week.
6. I don’t like Auckland. Infact, I hate it. I would MUCH rather live out in the country or something but I know Auckland is where the ‘money’ is. So I’ll stay here for now.
7. I love Fleetwood Mac and was lucky enough to see them live in concert last year!

Ok, now I would like to nominate the following bloggers for all 3 awards:

Sarah xo

Update: I have now added a Giveaways page to my blog! Remember to check it out as I'll be adding links to giveaways regularly. :D
I'm also thinking of adding a few new and exciting things to my blog, so keep posted!
Also I will be holding another giveaway soon - yay!

Thanks for viewing!



  1. aww thank you darling! I really appreciate it! And I know what you mean about youtube videos! I wanted to make them but I hate how my voice sounds. I honestly sound like a two year old :S But you should really try and do it! =]


  2. Hey lovely! Thank you soooo much for these awards! You poor thing having asthma now - I have it but fairly mildly.

    Do a you tube vid! Would love to hear your accent (I have the same issues when I try and do one). xxx

  3. You're both more than welcome! :D

    Sarah - I might give it a go sometime, but my voice is just honestly crazy! It's both deep and high pitched at the same time. I don't even know how that's possible. Lol! :P

    Lina - Sorry to hear that you have asthma too, glad that it's fairly mild though! :)
    Mine is getting milder, but it annoys me that I still have to rely on my inhalers everyday :(
    I may have to give it a go, I mean, if it turns out REAL bad then I can just not post it right? Lol! :P

  4. Thanks slapper!

    I hate tomatoes but I love tomato sauce and tomato soup and generally tomato flavoured things :|


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