Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review: Urban Decay Hall Of Fame


I love Urban Decay products, I wish more than anything that they were available here in New Zealand! Their stuff would sell like hot cakes here, I swear!

I was actually lucky enough to receive this set from Meg’s Makeup! How awesome is that?! Meg’s Makeup is a site where you earn points and then redeem them for prize packs. If you’d like to join up, leave me a comment below with your email and I’ll send you an invite!

But now, onto the review!
The Urban Decay Hall of Fame pack gives you a chance to sample 5 of their best products.
First up is the Eyeshadow Primer Potion in the XL size.


I have used and reviewed this before and even though I find that the packaging is poorly designed, as you can’t reach all the product with the wand, it is still one of my favourite eyeshadow bases. Eyeshadow just sticks to this like glue and refuses to budge! If you find that your own eyeshadow still creases when using this, then in all honesty you are probably using far too much. You only need the tiniest amount! A little goes a long way.

Next up is the New Skyscraper Multi Benefit Mascara


This includes the actual full size brush, which is always a good thing, as then you get a real feel for the product.

I am actually in love with this mascara. It makes my eyelashes look almost fake! I so badly need the full size one as I’m almost out of this one and no other mascara I’ve tried so far even comes close to this. Highly recommend this product to anyone who has access to Urban Decay – you will not be disappointed!

Then comes the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero


Well it would be pretty fair to say that this is one of my new favourite eyeliners. It’s soft, it’s creamy and it’s waterproof!! Genius! It says on the site that it will not budge, I disagree – anything that is applied on the waterline will eventually move. But this IS very long lasting! If I had one of those star rating systems, I would give this 4.5 out of 5 stars! :P

Next is the Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy


I don’t really think much about this, it’s just a regular lipstick. Nothing special really! I do like the colour and how natural it is, but I probably wouldn’t buy it myself..

And lastly, the Pocket Rocket in Timothy


Oh man, these things just crack me up. I actually have a couple of full size ones (including this) so haven’t used this mini one at all. I seriously would buy a heap of these to give to all my friends, just because I know they’d think they’re hilarious! As well as being funny, they’re also useful too! The gloss seems more slick than sticky and they come in the cutest colours. Timothy is a coral colour with a pink glow – just gorgeous! Do you need these? Probably not. But do you secretly want one? Of course you do! xD

Overall I love this pack and if you have a spare $20 USD then you should definitely get your hands on one for yourself. Great value for money!

That brings us to the end of this review, I hope you enjoyed it!
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  1. Super! I like UDPP, but I hate the bottle, so I'm going to try out som TFSI instead. I hate though, how most sets like these have black eyeliner! I HAVE a black eyeliner, i dont WANT or NEED another one! LOL

  2. What an awesome collection. Meg gives the best gifts. That gloss looks so funny, I think I need one :)

  3. Oh man, I hope I get this in my Megs Makeup package. Just wondering, when did you redeem your points + get this? I redeemed my points a month ago so I cant help but wonder if she'll still have this in stock when it comes to sending out my package :)

    I looooove Urban Decay, it bugs me so much that theyre so inaccessible in Australia too :( I have to get everything through ebay, or ACW. Apparently they used to sell stuff in David Jones, but it must not have taken off.

    Now they say that they have no desire to wholesale in Australia D;


  4. I have used your mascara before and I love it. <_< If I ever decide to wear make up full time, I'll buy myself one.

    LOVE YA SIS. P.s, feel free to comment on my new post. You'll find it funny. :P See you in two seconds when I come to nag you about reading my new post. :P

  5. Y - Yeah the design is terrible! We don't have Too Faced over here either so I haven't had a chance to try that yet. Heard nothing but good things about it though!
    I know what you mean, it's ALWAYS black that they include. But even though I don't need another one, I still want another xD

    GlossQueen - She so does!! I love that site so much. The girlies on there are so nice and full of tonnes of useful info too :D You should so get one, they're great! :P

    SilhouetteScreams - I redeemed my points in October last year and received on Christmas Eve! Yup I've had it for that long and only got around to opening and using it last month. Lol!
    I've found that it does take around 2 months to receive packages, because there are so many people redeeming points all the time! :P
    You may not get this set exactly, but there's a good chance you could still get Urban Decay stuff as it's one of the companies Meg seems to deal with quite often! In my prize package before this I received 4 different full sized Urban Decay products (among other things) - so fingers crossed!
    I love it too, the products are awesome! And like you I have to resort to ebay if I want anything else >_<

    Camille - You dork :P
    Love you too! I did comment, you're funny as. :P

  6. I actually have this little kit too and I love almost everything in it!
    The mascara- I love the wand, it lengthens well. Doesn't clump. I might have to go purchase a full size.
    I agree on the lipstick, nothing spectacular but I like it, glides on smoothly.
    The only thing I'm not crazy about is the lip gloss and only because the scent is too strong- artificial buttered popcorn? lol

  7. Lisa - It's such an awesome little kit, would be great for traveling or something I bet.
    The mascara is probably my favourite product in the set - it's just everything a mascara SHOULD be!
    I quite like the scent of the lipgloss although I agree it's probably a tad too strong! Artificial buttered popcorn, lol! Classic! :P

  8. Thanks for getting back to me :) I hope I get some UD stuff, particular UDPP because I'm bound to run out soon!

  9. SilhouetteScreams - I hope you do too! Fingers crossed! :)

  10. Woooooow this looks like such an amazing set!! I wish we had Urban Decay readily available here too! Such a shame!!!

  11. urgh the bottle is pretty poorly designed but it is quite easy to depot. =)

  12. LOL I love the idea of the pocket rocket glosses, esp with the pictures of all the hot guys! Lol. The set seems pretty great though, I'm glad you managed to get a hold of the set! I know how you feel - Urban Decay isn't available in Singapore either, what a pain!

  13. Hey girly!
    I've nominated you for 3 Blogger Awards, check it out on my blog:

  14. Sarah - It's really cute! I love it! Yes, they need to start thinking about us!

    Yin - I know! I depotted my first one, which I'm still actually using. There is just so much product that would otherwise be wasted!

    Musicalhouses - Yes they're so funny!! I forget the name of the one I'd like to get next - but it's the one with the guy who has tattoos, he looks hot! :P
    So lame that it's not available in Singapore either :(

    Lisa - Thanks darl! :D

  15. I would love to receive an invite to Megs Blog. There are so many international brands which are not available in India. Would love to try em out..

    Could you please send me an invite..only if an international blogger is eleigible :-)


  16. You're so lucky to be able to receive this set!!! It will be great if I can get an invite to join Meg's MakeUp :) Thanksssss


  17. Funny! You love all the products I hated! The primer potion and eye liner are great. And personally, I really like the mini lipstick - the shade and smell are great. The formula is rich and creamy.

    But the lipgloss! Oh man, it stinks so bad I cant get within 3 feet of it. It's horrible. The mascara is pretty disappointing - it could barely coat my lashes. I was really disappointed with this product. In the end, I kept it because I love the mini lipstick but I'm so glad I didnt spend the full price for the gloss and mascara. What a waste! Funny how two people can have to completely different experiences with the same product.

  18. Just seen this set on sale and needed to check at least one review to make sure I wasn't throwing money away - your review was perfect, just what i needed, thanks!

    Would love an invite to the website if you're still offering, my email is

    Thanks again,

  19. Hey Sydney!
    I'm really glad you found my review helpful! :D
    I've sent you an invite, I am sure that you will LOVE the site! :D

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