Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream

Banish dry, dehydrated skin and restore a soft, smooth complexion with this intensely moisturising moisture recovery cream.

Manuka Honey, rich in minerals and vitamins, draws moisture to the skin, helping to promote healing while botanical moisturisers Evening Primrose and Coconut hydrate and soften. The gentle fragrance which includes soothing Lavender will help relax and calm the senses.

Trilogy to me, has always meant rosehip oil. When I think of them, that is the first thing that comes to mind. Sure I knew they had other products, but had never really heard anything about them, so when I was contacted by Health2000 asking me to review the Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream, I jumped at the chance! 

If you follow my blog, you will know that I have quite oily/sensitive skin which tends to flare up whenever the opportunity arises (usually when I have an important event coming up, as you'd expect!), so using a rich face cream like this would probably seem like a pretty silly idea! But I actually have a few really dry areas on my face that need some TLC.

I have been using the Ultra Hydrating Face Cream for over 2 weeks now and I am surprised by the results!
It is fragranced, which usually means terrible things for my sensitive skin and allergies, but it hasn't affected me at all! Infact I find the gentle lavender scent to be quite soothing and calming, and I swear putting it on at night gives me a better sleep!
It is definitely a very rich cream, which can sometimes be a bit too much for my oily skin - so there have been a couple of days where I haven't been able to use it all over my face, and have instead just applied it on the really dry areas. This seems to work really well.

The real winner for me though, is how it looks under my makeup. To be honest with you, I expected it to make my face look and feel greasy, but it seems to create the perfect semi-matte base for my makeup! It also seems to take away some of the redness I get - amazing!

Not only am I enjoying this product, but I've seen my Mum eyeing it up a bit! It would actually be perfect for her dehydrated skin so I might even let her try it. Hahaha!
Highly recommend this to anyone who has dull, dry areas on their face - even if you're like me and have oily skin! You can check this out along with some other Trilogy products here.

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