Saturday, August 13, 2011

NOTD: Barry M Test!

So I ordered a few nail polishes off nzsale when they featured Barry M, one of which was the Black Magic Instant Nail Effects polish. Since I haven't got any 'crackle' polishes, I knew I had to get this!
I am SO freakin' impressed with it. Here's a photo of it overtop of Barry M Cobalt Blue:


How cute is that?! I'm in love!!
Let's break it down.
  • Kleancolour clear nail polish as base coat and top coat
  • Barry M Cobalt Blue as base colour
  • Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Black Magic
After seeing several photos of other 'crackle' polishes I personally think the Barry M ones look the best - but that's just my opinion! :P

Thanks for viewing!


  1. I have 5 crackles 4 are barry m's lol i love them!

    shel xx

  2. They're just beautiful aren't they??
    What colours do you have?


Let me know what you think! oxo


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