Monday, August 15, 2011

Old Reliables – Blushin’ Beauty!

Yay! It’s time for another instalment of “Old Reliables”. This time we’re looking at my all time favourite blushes.

First up is definitely my Smashbox Blush Rush in Masterpiece.


This was actually released with their Muse collection, so I’m not entirely sure if this is a limited edition shade or not, but it’s definitely my ‘go to’ blush. I literally wear this almost every single day. It’s the perfect peachy colour that seems to just go with everything! It’s also extremely pigmented, so I only need the tiniest little pat with my blush brush in order to get enough colour.

Next would have to be the beautiful blushes in my La Femme palette.


This palette has something for everyone, no matter what skintone they have. It’s amazing! They’re also the most pigmented blushes I’ve ever owned (which makes it a little bit too easy to go crazy with the blush) – less is more! In all honesty, this is probably the only blush palette I need.

MAC Cremeblend Blush is next.


I just love the look of cream blushes, and MAC Cremeblends are my favourites so far. Ladyblush and Posey in particular are beautiful – especially for brides! They give the illusion of a glow from within and look so deliciously natural! I really love to use cream blushes on mature skin too, makes the cheeks look youthful and dewy.

Of course there are other blushes I adore, but these are the ones I always seem to go back to – my old reliables!

Thank you for viewing!

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