Monday, November 14, 2011

Fave Five!

It's getting warmer and warmer every day! Ahhh, I can't wait til Summer.
  1. Lush Soap

    Why has it taken me so long to discover these? My favourite scent at the moment is Angel's Delight. It's one of their christmas soaps, and I think I might have to stock up on it. :P

  2. LMFAO - Sexy and I know it

    I actually can't stop singing this song. It's stuck in my head 24/7. So funny!

  3. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel eyeliner

    Got this for my birthday and am really enjoying using it. The brush that came with it is actually really good too, which was a pleasant surprise! I think I prefer Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners to MAC Fluidlines.. just seem better quality.

  4. My pandora!

    Just started wearing it again.. I really love it. Pretty much all the charms on it have been bought by my family - for birthdays and christmases, and I think it's one of the prettiest pieces of jewellery I own.

  5. Living Nature Skincare

    I might actually do a review on this. This was another birthday present that my parents bought me from the Living Nature shop up in Kerikeri. I think the whole lot cost around $50, and I have to say that I think it was worth every cent! My skin feels awesome.
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  1. Angel's Delight is one of my favorite LUSH soap, so yummy! I love Sexy and I know it too ahah, so silly!

  2. Y - It is so hilarious! Love it :P
    Gaby - Angel's Delight smells soo amazing.. do have to admit that Lush is quite pricey though. >_<


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