Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mail of the week! 1 - 8 November

I know other bloggers post their Mail Of The Week, so I thought I might start doing this too! Because opening packages is ridiculously fun xD

I love MegsMakeup! I got this package when I redeemed 250 points, pretty exciting huh?
Closer look at the Napoleon products:

Thought you might like to see a couple of swatches.
Urban Decay Tinted Moisturiser - not rubbed in:

And this is how it looks when it is rubbed in:

Here’s the Napoleon Eyeliner, it’s such a pretty gold:

The Napoleon Lip Veil is nice:

But, didn’t show up that great in this photo:

And trying to take a photo of this Urban Decay eyeshadow swatch was just a joke – it refused to show up! Not very impressed with the eyeshadow unfortunately..

My ASOS swimsuit order arrived! Yay!! Was the first time I actually ordered from them and am really happy with the whole experience. It always makes me sad that it’s cheaper to buy swimsuits online from an overseas retailer than buy one in my own country though…

Tea Samples from Twinnings! My sister will probably end up with these as I don’t drink enough tea myself. :P

Ahhh. I love getting packages, it’s one of my favourite things!
Thanks for viewing!


  1. I used to love Meg's Makeup but I have stopped using this website since she started charging for shipping to Canada ):

  2. I like the floral bra, lovely blog dear!


  3. Gaby - I know what you mean, I'm not as dedicated to the site as I used to be. The shipping to New Zealand is $15 USD which annoys me when you recieve it and see it cost less than $5 USD..

    h2 - Thanks! It's so cute and summery! :D

  4. The makeup items look really nice, too bad the colors didn't want to show up on camera though. The swimsuits you got from Asos look really cute! I love shopping their site :)

  5. Rinny - I know, I'm so annoyed about that! But the eyeshadow itself isn't really pigmented at all.
    I'm in love with the swimsuits I got! I just placed another order on ASOS for some dresses, I hope I like those as much. Hahaha


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