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Review: Lush - Emotional Brilliance

Spin the Emotional Brilliance Color Wheel to get a personalized color reading – choose the three colors that stand out the most and they will uncover certain words that reveal a little bit about your current state of mind. Then wear the color to feel the word, you word-up!

Introducing a brand new concept matching psychological needs to which color cosmetics one should wear.

This range – consisting of lip colors, eyeliners and eyeshadows – is less about wearing make-up that’s in-season or on-trend and more about wearing colors that shape your mood. Emotional Brilliance is a way to wear color that’s designed for you. Choose colors, each with a corresponding word such as Confident, Take Control or Glamorous, and they will be significant to your needs at that time – wear those colors and you truly wear the word. It’s the power of suggestion – if one believes enough in something, there will likely be a change in behavior.

When I got invited to go into Lush Queen St to get an Emotional Brilliance reading done, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into! I didn’t really know anything about Lush’s makeup range, so I was eager to find out more.

When I got there I was greeted by the lovely Kendra, and then our Emotional Brilliance adventure began!
First of all, I had to close my eyes and think of something that was happening in my life (I was thinking about work), then open my eyes and pick the first three colours on the Emotional Brilliance wheel that appealed to me. She then proceeded to tell me what those colours meant.

Left: My reading, Right: Camille's reading
1.      Your Strength or Weakness: In Charge – Take Control

Whoa! What a fabulous strength! So many things to be IN CHARGE of: your job; your situation; your bank account; your life. If you have felt you have been a little too free and easy lately and let others rule, then pack it in. Get back IN CHARGE or keep IN CHARGE, but whatever you do, take control!

Damn this is good. I’m quite often feeling like things are out of my control at work, which is hard for me because I like to feel like I’m in charge of every situation.

2.      Your Subconscious: Passionate – Feel Strongly

Uh oh! What is going on here then? Subconscious giving you a little reminder that you need to be souping up the PASSIONATE side of your nature? Are you without an aim at the moment and need to find something to feel strongly about? Do you need to be showing and feeling more Passion for something already in your life? To be PASSIONATE and feel strongly is energising. Buck yourself up you!

This one was even more surprising. Kendra made me realise that if I concentrate more on things I’m passionate about, like my blog, then the things bothering me (like feeling out of control at work) will fade into the background.

3.      Your Aspiration: Independent – Stand on your own two feet
Perfect! Feel INDEPENDENT and stand on your own two feet in a beautifully positive way. This is what will make all the difference to whatever is going on in your life right now.

This is honestly so true! The whole experience made me feel more at ease with things and I actually felt like I understood myself a little bit better. Thank you Kendra!

The lovely girls at Lush gave me three Emotional Brilliance products to try: Believe, Vibrance and Ambition.

Without flash: Believe, Vibrance, Ambition
With flash: Believe, Vibrance, Ambition
For review purposes, I applied them with the little applicators they came with so please excuse the wobbly lipline! Hahaha!
Believe is definitely my favourite out of the three, and Vibrance is the one I find hardest to wear on it’s own but actually looks gorgeous when mixed with other lip colours. I also love just dabbing them on and wearing them as more of a stain rather than a full on bright lip.

Overall I think the whole concept behind the Emotional Brilliance range is awesome and a lot of fun! It also helps that the products themselves are actually gorgeous and very well pigmented. Head along to Lush Queen St or go online and check it out for yourself!

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