Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: By Nature Skincare - Part 1

By Nature was born out of a mission to create simple, honest, uncomplicated products that worked in harmony with our skin.
To meet our clean and natural philosophy they had to be free from harmful preservatives and parabens, infused with delectable naturally inspired fragrances, rich and hydrating yet gentle enough to use every day. 

As a society, we are often tricked into thinking that you have to spend the big bucks in order to get good quality products. I won’t lie to you, a lot of the time that’s actually true. But sometimes you find some real gems that don’t cost the Earth, and actually do what they’re supposed to!
This is one of those times.

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to receive 4 products from the By Nature face range. This actually came at the perfect time as I had just run out of my Olay moisturiser! Yay!
Since receiving them, I have been using them religiously and am happy to finally share my thoughts with you guys!

First up is the By Nature Hydrating Day Crème SPF 15 RRP: $9.99 NZD

Infused with Collagen and Vitamin E Created from New Zealand’s natural environment using the finest native resources, this smooth and hydrating day crème will leave your skin soft and nourished while protecting against damaging environmental conditions.

It is vital that my daily moisturiser contains an SPF, mainly because most of the foundations I use don’t have one. And since we all know that using an SPF is the ONLY way to prevent premature aging from sun damage… it’s a must have! 

After cleansing in the morning, I smooth this cream all over my face and neck and every time I am amazed at how rapidly it absorbs into the skin! SPF moisturisers quite often actually take longer to absorb because of the sunscreen in them, but that’s not the case with this. It also leaves my skin feeling really soft and hydrated.

My skin often gets very irritated by most products, but I find this to be really soothing which I think may be due to the Vitamin E and Manuka Honey in it. This is definitely one of my favourite products from the range.

Next is the By Nature Replenishing Night Crème RRP: $9.99 NZD

Infused with Organic Rosehip Oil, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid & Aloe Vera. Created by using the finest pristine New Zealand resources, this replenishing night crème will help repair and rejuvenate your skin from the harsh environmental damages that is has faced throughout the day.

I’m gonna be honest here, I’m notorious for not using Night Creams. In the past I have tried them, and woken up with a greasy face – not cool! And they always make me break out.

With that in mind, I wasn’t really too keen to give this a go.  I really did expect to have the same results as I’ve always had in the past. However, I am happy to say that was not the case!
It really felt like it was deeply moisturising my skin, without me waking up to a greasy face. Instead I woke to soft, smooth skin with no breakouts! 

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!
Thanks for viewing!

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