Monday, May 11, 2009

Fyrinnae: What I ordered

Fyrinnae cosmetics are a vegan cosmetic company who have a wide range of pretty unique colours. I had been wanting to try Fyrinnae eyeshadows for quite some time so finally bit the bullet and placed an order! Along with the 6 eyeshadow samples I ordered, I also ordered a full size foundation (they don’t offer samples of this) and a small lip lustre. They also included a free sample of eyeshadow, yay for freebies! :D

First: OMGWTF Eyeshadow Sample

This is a bright, shimmery chartruese colour. Love the colour but do wish it was slightly more pigmented.

Next: Dragonskin Eyeshadow Sample

Dragonskin is a deep, vibrant, shimmery grass green colour with a hint of yellow. Really nice, I love it.

Next: Aztec Gold Eyeshadow Sample

Antique gold colour, that can look quite green in different lighting. Might end up buying the full size of this!

Next: Fujiro Free Sample

This is like a medium blue-violet colour with silver sparkles. It has a lavendar highlight. It doesn’t seem very pigmented to me, which is a shame because it’s quite a nice colour.

Next: Parental Advisory Sample

This is a shimmery royal purple. Really nice but I do wish it was a little brighter.

Next: Wicked Sample

This is a deep, dark purple that has a turquoise shimmer. I heard this makes a stunning eyeliner so I’m looking forward to using it as that. Such a gorgeous colour..

And the final eyeshadow: Lust Bunnies Sample

This is a vivid sparkling copper with silver glitter. Very pretty!

Now onto the foundation: Moonstone Mica-free Foundation - 6gram Size

I still have not tried this yet. It is for very fair skin and I’m thinking it could possibly be a bit too light. But we shall see!

And lastly, the lip lustre: Ryunome

This is A LOT brighter than it appears in this photo. It’s a gorgeous vibrant, shimmering turquoise. How cool is this? It’s actually the small, 3.5ml size which Fyrinnae no longer offer.. So if you want this you’ll have to buy the larger size!

Swatches time!

Top row, L-R: OMGWTF, Dragonskin, Aztec Gold, Fujiro
Bottom row, L-R: Parental Advisory, Wicked, Lust Bunnies

fyrinnae swatches


Thanks for viewing! Keep a lookout for upcoming FOTDs using these products!



  1. All those colors look really pretty!

  2. Each one of those are more gorgeous than the other.

  3. omg those are gorgeous, i def want to order and try some out now

  4. You all should definitely try these! :)

  5. WOW! Those look lovely.
    I'm going to check them out.


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