Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MAC Colour Ready, Sugarsweet and Rose Romance Haul and Review!

I meant to do this a few days ago but the batteries in my camera died and I couldn’t find the charger to recharge them!
As you’ll see I didn’t buy much at all from these collections, I had been looking forward to them for some time, but when I saw them I got completely overwhelmed by everything and basically bought what I decided I couldn’t live without. I’m actually dying to go back and buy some more stuff now that I think about it…

Ok, from the Colour Ready Collection all I bought was this Penultimate Eyeliner in Rapidblack.

Ahh. I am so in love with this eyeliner. I used it in my FOTD below and it’s fantastic. So easy to use, goes on really black and stays put. I want more of them. And I would definitely recommend this to everyone.
I really want that damn line filler too but it’s sold out at the moment, thank goodness it’s gonna be part of the MAC pro line!

From the Sugarsweet collection I bought Club eyeshadow

Club is this muted reddish brown duo-chrome with green opalescent shimmer, it’s part of the permanent line which is why I bought it in refill form (much cheaper that way). I’m wearing it in the FOTD below and I love it! I would recommend this to everyone, it’s a great, versatile colour to have.

I also bought the Perfect Topping Mineralized Skinfinish from this collection

Perfect topping is made up of pinks, peaches and lavenders. It is sooo pretty and was my favourite out of both of the MSF released with this collection. I’m also wearing this in the FOTD below, I love the look of it and if you like MSFs I would recommend getting this.

From the Rose Romance Collection I purchased the Blush Of Youth Beauty Powder

How pretty is this? I love it! Blush Of Youth is a clean pink with a gold pearl. I tried this on in the store and had to get it. I just love the colour as well as the cute rose pattern. Not sure if it would show up well on darker skin, but it does show up nicely on my NC20 skin. :P

I also had to get the Summer Rose Beauty Powder

Yes, I had to get both beauty powders… This is probably my favourite out of the two. It is a soft violet pink colour and is just gorgeous. It seems to be the more pigmented one of them both, I just love it. Definitely recommend this to everyone who doesn’t have it already! Damn NZ for not getting MAC collections sooner..

And finally from the Rose Romance Collection I couldn’t resist the Fix+ Rose

Fix+ Rose is described as “An aqua-spritz of vitamins and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the scent of 100% natural rose water.”
I don’t have the original Fix+, so I decided to get this. The rose smell is pretty strong when you first spray it on but it seems to vanish almost immediately, which I find to be a good thing. It really does feel incredibly refreshing and I’m really glad I bought it. If you already have the original Fix+ then I’m pretty sure you don’t really need this. :P

I also grabbed a Lipgelee in Lilacrush

Lilacrush is a baby mauve lilac colour. It is the first lipgelee I have bought and I really like it. It’s not as pigmented as it looks in the tube which makes it a nice gloss for everyday use. It’s really glossy and shiny but doesn’t seem to be as sticky as some glosses can be.  I would recommend this to anyone that’s looking for a nice nude gloss.

And finally, I also got some badly needed Brush Cleanser!

Now for the swatches:
Top, L-R:
Club eyeshadow, Rapidblack Penultimate Eyeliner, Lilacrush Lipgelee
Bottom, L-R: Perfect Topping MSF, Blush Of Youth Beauty Powder, Summer Rose Beauty Powder

Thanks for viewing!



  1. I seriously want the entire mac rose romance collection,I think its there best ever nothing in it I dont want.

  2. It is a really gorgeous collection, I kinda want to go back and get one of the lipsticks.. They were so pretty!

  3. WOW all of these products are just gorgeous!! How pretty are the blushes, so perfectly pink. I can't wait for this collection to be released here in AUS!!!!

  4. I know! I LOVE the blushes. :D
    I would've thought it would be released in AUS before NZ! :o


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