Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yaby Dramatically Neutral Palette – Review Time!


Yaby Cosmetics is quickly becoming one of the most well known professional makeup brands available today. Their concept of downsizing makeup artist kits and their gorgeous, highly pigmented products are very popular among makeup artists across the globe.

I first really heard about Yaby Cosmetics while browsing through the Model Mayhem forums and was impressed by all the rave reviews they were getting, so I knew I had to check them out!

The Dramatically Neutral Eyeshadow Palette really is wonderful. It holds 40 eyeshadows which are a fabulous mix of both mattes and shimmers. The colours are divine, the pay off is great and the longevity is amazing! I can honestly say that I prefer these to all of my MAC eyeshadows – seriously!

As you can see from the picture at the beginning of this post, my palette needs a bit of a clean (I’ve been using it on myself a bit lately and haven’t got around to cleaning it yet). What you can’t see is that this (along with all the other Yaby palettes) comes with a built in stainless steel mixing palette instead of a mirror! How genius is that?! :D I love it!

I’m not going to swatch all the colours, because that would take forever, but I did swatch a few so you can see what the pay off is like!

ES339 – Fairytrail (has a high shine finish):


ES347 – Pottery (has a frost finish):


PP036 – Summer Night (pearl paint):


PP062 – Tamarind (pearl paint):


ES168 – Earth (has a matte finish):


ES154 – abyss (has a matte finish):



ES382 – turquoise dream (has a frost finish):



PP026 – amber rain (pearl paint):


They really are just gorgeous and even though this line is aimed at makeup artists, I would recommend this palette to everyone!
I’m definitely going to be purchasing more from Yaby (once I get some money!) :P

Thanks for viewing!



  1. Glad you're back!
    I've never really looks at this palette before. I've had my eye on the best of both worlds palette for ages.

  2. I'm glad to be back! :D
    Love to see a review of the best of both worlds palette if you end up getting it!

  3. Hi, how do you compare MAC Carbon with Yaby's Abyss? which one is darker?

  4. Hi ticktock!
    They're both the same darkness really. MAC Carbon is slightly more pigmented, but for the price you can't go wrong with Yaby!


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