Monday, February 15, 2010

Natural Instinct Review: Part 1



Natural Instinct is an Australian brand that has been producing natural and organic skin care products since 2003. As well as that, they also produce a range of household cleaning products.

My sister and I have been using a wide range of their products for the past few months and are here to share our experiences with you! This is the first part in a three part series, so let’s get onto it!

First up is the Natural Shampoo.
Organic Instinct Shampoo has been carefully formulated with a unique combination that contains pure essential oils and organic herbs.
This shampoo is made for all hair types and is meant to leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and manageable. It is available in three sizes; 250ml, 500ml and 1 Litre.
My sister, Camille SWEARS by this. To give you an idea of her hair type, she is a natural blonde who has never dyed her hair and has naturally straight hair that has a slight wave. Her hair gets really oily, so she washes it everyday.
She finds it really difficult to find a shampoo that leaves her hair feeling clean, but this is great! We have both noticed that her hair looks a lot more healthy since she has been using this, and now she refuses to use anything else!
I, on the other hand, like this shampoo but can’t use it every time I wash my hair. I have naturally curly hair that is in really bad condition from a botched up chemical straightening that I had done by a student hairdresser (that was a BAD idea!). It’s oily at the roots, but completely dry and fried at the ends.
I agree that this shampoo leaves your hair feeling really clean, but it really feels too harsh for my hair, so I don’t often use it.

Next up is the Natural Conditioner.
Organic Instinct Conditioner uses the nourishing goodness of pure essential oils and organic herbs to nourish your hair.
This conditioner is enriched with Vitamin E, Avocado and Lavender Pure Essential Oils which helps make your hair feel soft and manageable. It is also available in the same three sizes as the shampoo.
This is another product that Camille uses everyday after using the shampoo. Now this works fabulously on her hair, leaves it feeling soft and beautiful – I swear her hair has never looked so good!
Unfortunately it doesn’t work as well for me. It just isn’t nourishing enough for my hair and it feels like it doesn’t really do anything for me at all.

The last product for Part 1 of this review is the Natural Body Wash.
Natural Instinct Body Wash cleanses and revitalises your body with natural conditioning ingredients.
Made with pure essential oils and organic herbs, it nourishes your skin leaving it looking smooth and fresh. Would you believe that this comes in those same three sizes as the shampoo and conditioner?!
Camille and I both love this! My skin in general has been extra sensitive lately and has been reacting to almost all soaps and body washes – except for this! It doesn’t really have much of a scent to it, but it actually leaves you feeling really clean and fresh. It also doesn’t seem to dry out your skin like a lot of body washes. So this gets two thumbs up from the both of us!

Part 2 will feature the Natural Facial Scrub, Natural Foaming Facial Cleanser, Natural Hydrating Toner and Natural Moisturiser – so stay tuned!

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  1. Oooh I always see these at the chemist and have never picked anything from this range up.

    The shampoo and conditioner sound like theyre right up my alley, I have to wash my greaseball hair everyday too >_<

  2. Hi SilhouetteScreams!
    You should definitely check these out next time you go to the chemist, they might be just what you're looking for!
    I don't know how your chemist works, but at my local one they give me samples (in those little 5 gram jars) of anything I want to try. You could see if yours would be keen on letting you sample the shampoo and conditioner!


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