Thursday, February 25, 2010

WOWZERS! When did that happen?!

I have over 230 followers!! That’s insane :D Thank you so much! I really appreciate every single one of you!

I also need to highlight that some of you who have commented on the giveaway can’t actually qualify for an entry until you have posted about the giveaway either on your twitter page, or somewhere on your blog. Sorry about that, you may want to go back and edit your comment!

I was in the process of thanking you all for entering individually, but there’s just too many to keep up with now! So I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK to all of you here! :D

Thanks for viewing, I have more reviews coming up shortly, including Urban Decay and Revlon – so stay tuned!



  1. Congrats on reaching 239 followers!!! I'm trying to get to where you are .:lol:. Keep up the good work

    I am hosting two giveaways on my blog... one is open internationally...

    Makeup by Kim Porter

  2. Thanks dolls! :D

    I will be sure to check out your site Kim :)

  3. Congrats on having 200++ followers. And Thank You for following my site. Hope you will enjoy each visit to my site! ♥

  4. cute blog : ) I'm a new follower.

    Check out my blog too when you have a chance : )

  5. Thanks Syila and Jonesy! :)

    Jonesy - just checked out your blog and became a follower :D


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