Thursday, February 18, 2010

Natural Instinct Review: Part 2

IMGP0275In Part 1 of this review we looked at the Natural Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash. Today we’re concentrating on face products!

First is the Natural Facial Scrub.
Whisk away those unwanted dead skin cells with Natural Instinct Facial Scrub. Ideal for sensitive skin, use it to remove clogged pores and impurities.
This comes in a 125ml bottle. Like any face scrub you use this once or twice a week to exfoliate. It’s quite harsh so I would recommend you be very gentle when using it!
Again I’ve asked my sister to give her opinions on this as well, and she really doesn’t like this. I have to say, I’m with her on this one. The smell for one, just isn’t pleasant and it’s too harsh! I won’t be repurchasing it, and wouldn’t recommend it. There are much better facial scrubs on the market, I wouldn’t bother with this one.

Next is the Natural Foaming Facial Cleanser.
Keep your face looking clean and fresh with the natural plant extracts of Natural Instinct Foaming Facial Cleanser.
This comes in a 125ml bottle and is suitable for all skin types, will assist in the removal of makeup and removes dirt and excess oil.
Camille, my sister, loves this product and uses it every single day. She, like a lot of teenagers, has very oily skin and has regular breakouts. She finds it hard to find a cleanser that really makes her face feel clean and that also helps control her blemishes – but this does a fantastic job. Her skin looks much clearer and her face really isn’t as oily as it usually is.
I also love this cleanser! I suffer from oily skin too which lately is also sensitive. Because of this, I’ve found it really hard to find a cleanser that doesn’t irritate my skin! This however, is great! My face feels really clean after using this and I would definitely recommend this to anyone, especially those with sensitive skin!

The Natural Hydating Toner is next.
Soothe and balance your skin with Natural Instinct Hydrating Toner. Suitable for sensitive skin, use it to refresh and hydrate your skin after cleansing.
This toner comes in a 125ml spray bottle which I find really handy! In normal bottles it can be quite easy to use too much toner, when in reality you only need a little bit to do the job. But with this, you only need a couple of sprays and you’re done! I thought I would add that I don’t spray this directly on my face, I spray it on a cotton pad then apply to my face. :)
We both really like this. It’s beautiful and refreshing and it’s a bit of a step up from the witch hazel that I usually use everyday, as it contains all the goodness of that with the added benefits of rosewater. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a nice refreshing toner!

And the last product for this part of the review is Natural Moisturiser.
Natural Instinct Moisturiser is specifically designed for the sensitive, delicate skin on your face. It’s non greasy formula may assist in replenishing the moisture in your skin and compliments it with a blend of organic herbs.
This also comes in a 125ml bottle! It’s suitable for all skin types and is even great under makeup!
We love this! Cetaphil is pretty much my favourite moisturiser of all time, but this is a close second. It just feels so nice and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Considering it’s so cheap, it feels like a high end moisturiser – without all the chemicals! Recommend to anyone :D

In the last Part of this review we’ll be looking at Natural Aloe Vera Gel and Natural Deodorant.
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  1. I need the foaming facial cleanser, stat!

  2. I am interested in buying these products and was wondering if you have seen a difference in your skin after using these? Thanks.

  3. Hi there!
    I have actually! My skin is much smoother and clearer and I don't seem to get as many breakouts as I did before. I would definitely recommend them. :D


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