Thursday, December 5, 2013

fLash Eyelash Serum

Hey there everyone!

I’m Camille, Christel's younger and awesome sister. After much nagging, I finally 
forced her into letting me write a post! (I love ya Sis <3)

Today I am writing a review on fLash Eyelash Serum. This is the first post of what will become a fortnightly series.
Ok, so I’ve been using this since November 24th and the results so far are actually way better than I expected! My eyelashes have not only grown about 2mm, but they have gotten thicker! Unlike my beautiful sissy, I wasn’t born with lashes as long as the river Nile. I was born with very stubby lashes. So, as you could well imagine, receiving this product for my birthday was a very appreciated gift!

 Stubby eyelashes: Day 1

fLash recommends using the serum every night, applied to the top of the lash line, for 8-12 weeks.  Once your desired look is achieved, you then drop down to using it twice a week. Each bottle of fLash Eyelash Serum lasts for three months. Which is quite good for its price, considering it is around $69.99 NZD!
It’s bit of a bugger to apply. You have to apply from outer corner of the lash line to inner, which tickles like heck!

 Slightly less stubby eyelashes: Day 12 (Its hard taking photos of yourself at 6:30am!)

Now that I’m not only Christel’s photographer, but co-writer, you will be seeing more posts from me on here, as well as on my other blog Homesteadingnz.

I hope y'all enjoyed my first post for Makeupper. I'm very excited to be a bigger part of my awesome sisters blog!


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