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M.A.C Pigments – swatches and a review!

Well I’m still sick :(
This is going to be a big post.. with quite a few pictures.. So I hope you enjoy it!

Pigments are highly concentrated loose coloured powders that contain ingredients to help them ‘stick’ to the skin.

They are multipurpose products that can be used in a variety of different ways.
Most commonly they are applied wet or dry as eyeshadows but can be mixed with a mixing medium and applied as a liquid liner or coloured mascara, mixed with lipmix or any lip gloss/balm and applied to the lips, can be applied dry to the cheeks as a blush/highlighter, mixed with strobe cream and applied to the cheeks as a cream blush, mixed with clear nail polish to create new nail colours and the list goes on! 

Pigments are what initially got me interested in MAC, they come in these huge 7.5g jars and are PACKED full of product. The colour is so intense and a little goes a long way. I am a HUGE fan of pigments, they are on the expensive side, but considering that they contain so much product, they are great value for money.

Onto the colours:
Smoke Signal


Smoke Signal pigment is a very deep plum burgundy colour. It is a matte pigment which I think is pretty cool. Matte colours are a little harder to use than shimmers though, so keep that in mind before purchasing them. It was released as part of the Smoke Signals Collection in 2007 and is LE, so might be hard to find.

Your Ladyship

Your Ladyship Pigment is a gorgeous creamy white colour with a gold pearl. I only recently bought this off Trademe for $30, it’s a LE colour that was released in the Antiquitease collection in 2007. I’ve used it as a highlight colour on my brow bone almost every single day since I bought it. It is sooooo pretty. If you can find this anywhere, get it.

Swatches, L-R:Smoke Signal and Your Ladyship (hasn’t shown up too well)

Melon is one of my favourite pigments. It is a stunning bright golden peach colour. Looks gorgeous on the eyes, amazing on the cheeks and beautiful on the lips! Suits almost everyone and it’s permanent so it’s not hard to find! :P

Blonde’s Gold

I bought Blonde’s Gold when it was released with the Overrich Collection last year. It’s a MAC Pro colour and is described as a light tan with a white and gold pearl. I really like it and think it’s a great neutral colour to have.

Swatches, L-R: Melon, Blondes Gold

Old Gold

This was the first ever pigment I ever bought! I LOVE Old Gold. It is by far my favourite. It is an iridescent gold with green reflects. It is such an amazing colour, you have to see it in person to fully appreciate it. Layered overtop of a black base it goes this brilliant emerald green colour, so gorgeous!

Vintage Gold

This is also from the Overrich collection but is a MAC Pro colour. Vintage gold is a tarnished green with a gold pearl. It is soooo pretty. The texture is so smooth and luxurious and it applies like a dream. Really flattering colour on brown eyes.

Swatches, L-R: Old Gold, Vintage Gold

Blue Brown

Blue brown is such a neat colour. I’ve found that if you pack on the pigment when applying this to your eyelids, you get a true representation of the colour, if you use it more sheerly the red really shows through. Applied over a dark base, the blue really shines through and looks gorgeous! You can achieve a lot of different looks with this. It’s a permanent colour so it’s easy to get a hold of which is always a bonus.


Mauvement is this really gorgeous taupe kinda colour with a gold pearl in it. It has a chunky texture which a few people don’t like.. but I think it’s easy to use once you get the hang of how to apply it. It’s a really nice shimmery colour and was also released with the Overrich Collection last year. I think it might be LE, but I’m not sure.

Swatches, L-R: Blue Brown, Mauvement


Rose too is one of the ‘chunky’ pigments, but it’s one of my favourites. It is a rose colour with coppery-gold sparkle and is sooo gorgeous as a lip colour and blush. I also love it on my eyes with melon over top. I think I heard that it’s not safe for the eye area? If that’s the case, it may not be a good idea to use it on your eyes.



I also have three pigment samples of Accent Red, Silver Fog and Dark Soul, if you’d like to see a review of those let me know!

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Fab Id buy the blonde gold,old gold and the vintage gold for sure,thed be fab with a tan(fake of course)Iswear mac should be paying you,all the free promotion.

  2. Yeah, the golds are so pretty. I always find myself drawn towards gold makeup. And I really want a nice gold nail polish...
    Anyway, your comment cracked me up :P oxo

  3. These pigments are beautiful! I don't think photos ever do them justice! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!
    (Oh and just reading your comment above, I have been searching for a gold nailpolish for awhile now and came across O.P.I's "Curry up don't be late" from the India Collection. It is very pretty!)
    Take Care : )

  4. Thank you Sarah! I'm feeling a tiny bit better today, but still pretty sick :(
    Oh awesome! I will have to check that out. I swear gold nail polishes are the hardest ones to find! xx

  5. Aww glad your feeling better!!!
    Yeah gold ones are hard to find!!! Some come across as super tacky!!
    If you feel like it, check out my blog, I just tagged you for a survey :)


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