Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My thoughts on MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

Most of you will know that I got a sample of the Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC20 last time I went to the MAC store. I’ve used it a few times and I’m really liking it. Infact I used it in my FOTD yesterday!

The colour is a perfect match for me, and it provides the perfect coverage. You only need a tiny amount to cover your entire face, so even though it’s on the expensive side, it will last quite a while. I apply it with just an ordinary foundation brush and have found that this works just fine. I’ve tried it with a wedge sponge too, but found that I use much more product when I do that.

While wearing it, you absolutely must set it with a finishing powder. If you don’t do this (which you should always be doing anyway!) then your face will quickly look oily and shiny. But I wouldn’t say that it’s any worse than any other liquid foundation I’ve used, in this respect.

I will most likely end up buying this foundation once I’ve used all of my sample, and I would recommend this foundation to anyone. Do what I did and get a sample before you purchase it! I honestly cannot believe how generous MAC are with foundation samples, I still have heaps left!

I’m also thinking about getting some of these foundations for my makeup kit because even though you can build up Face and Body (what I currently have in my kit) sometimes you just need more coverage.

Hope this has been of some help to you!
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  1. I have mixed feelings on this foundation - initially I really liked it, but then I went off it as I think it caused my otherwise good skin to have a breakout... Glad it worked well for you xxx

  2. Yeah I've heard that a few people experience break outs from it.. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this won't happen! :P Lol!
    Will definitely let you all know if that does happen though!

  3. i like the foundation as well. but i love the concealer the most. the foundation tends to be a little heavy than i like maybe because its a cream. but it does cover really well.

  4. yes i am totally with you!! do get some samples b4 u buy!! one time i walked out of the mall w/4 foundation samples to try my favorite one!! hehe

    mac new foundy didn't workout for me. i was sad!!

  5. i'm in love with this foundation too :)

  6. Jensmakeupbag - I too love the concealer more than the foundation, it's so amazing <3

    Katrina M - Yeah, it's sooo important to try before you buy when it comes to foundations, and getting samples is great because you can get a real feel for the product!

    Whit - Yay! I'm glad it's worked for you too :D

  7. Heya :) I live in NZ also and was wondering how much this foundation was? Thanks in advance!


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