Saturday, April 4, 2009

Latest MAC Haul!

Yay! MAC store at chancery is FINALLY a MAC Pro store! :D So exciting! I went in yesterday morning and grabbed a few things I’ve been needing for quite some time.
Honestly, not having a job (apart from the freelance ones now and then) is really hard! My kit needs restocking and I just can’t afford it most of the time :(

BUT ANYWAY, onto what I got yesterday!

First, I got three eyeshadows for my palette! From left to right they are: Satin Taupe, Brown Down and Knight Devine.


And here’s some swatches: (Applied dry without a base, and with the flash on)


Oh man, I am so in love with Satin Taupe and Brown Down. I needed some nice neutral colours and these are GREAT. Recommend them if you don’t already own them. :) Knight Devine is a really nice grey, which I need for an upcoming shoot!

Next I got some Lipmix!


Lipmix is “a highly pigmented opaque cream used to mix and customize lipstick, to create any color, texture or look desired for lipcolour.” This is actually great, I mixed it with some Rose pigment today and I’m so in love with it :P

I also got a new lipstick! Fleshpot!

IMGP2376Yay, this is sooo awesome. It’s a very nude lipstick. Loving it. Another thing I really needed for an upcoming shoot!

And lastly I got two brushes, a 217 and a 224:


How did I ever live without these?? Used the 224 on myself today. I think I’m in love. :P Sooo gorgeous. And I’m sad to say that apart from the little SE brushes in my palette sets, these are the only two MAC brushes I own. xD LOVE THEM.

So yeah, I’m pretty much dying to go back and buy more. Have to wait awhile for lip erase to come out. Which is kind of annoying, but what can ya do? :P

Thanks for viewing!



  1. I love love love Satin Taupe

    great idea on mixing your own gloss.. you should swatch it and show it off!!!

  2. Hi Tali!
    I love it also!
    And yeah I definitely will do that!
    Thanks for the comment!


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