Monday, April 20, 2009

Urban Decay Primer Potion and Eyeshadow Review

Urban Decay products aren’t available in New Zealand, but I was lucky enough to have an aunty who went to Hawaii last year and picked me up some from Sephora! This is what she got me:

XL Primer Potion

XL Primer Potion is 60% larger than the regular sized Primer Potion and is meant to last months!
Primer Potion provides a smooth magnet-like base for eyeshadows to adhere to. This prevents eyeshadow from creasing and intensifies the colour. You only need to apply a small amount to your eyelids which dries instantly and invisibly. Apply your eyeshadow overtop and prepare to have your eyeshadow last for hours on end!

I love Primer Potion, the results are amazing. There is a huge downside to this though and that is the packaging. Sure it looks great, but it is very poorly designed. The wand cannot reach all the product, and in my experience only reaches about a quarter of it. To get the rest of the product (and your money’s worth!) you have to cut open the tube and scoop the remains into an air tight container. You have to make sure you sanitise everything while doing this or you will contaminate the product.

Overall I would recommend this product if you want to intensify your eyeshadows and make them last without creasing. But if like me, you find it a huge hassle to have to cut open the tube to get all the product out, I would recommend that you find something else.

Now onto the two eyeshadows:
Midnight Cowboy

Midnight cowboy is a pink-champagne colour with A LOT of silver glitter. And the glitter gets EVERYWHERE when you use it. Even though this is probably the messiest eyeshadow I own, I really do like the colour. And the glitter would be gorgeous if it didn’t get everywhere.

I wouldn’t buy another one and wouldn’t really recommend it either. The glitter is just way too annoying.


Asphyxia is a beautiful purple eyeshadow with a blue sheen to it. This is probably one of my favourite purple eyeshadows even though the colour pay off is not as good as Midnight Cowboy. This is a really nice shimmer shadow that doesn’t have the crazy glitter that Midnight Cowboy has. And the blue sheen really shows up nicely.

Overall it is a really nice eyeshadow and if I had to buy another one, I would!

I decided to swatch both of these eyeshadows both overtop of the Primer Potion and without so you can see for yourself the difference the Primer Potion makes.
Top row is with Primer Potion and bottom row is without!

Sorry the photo isn’t very good, but hopefully you can see the difference!

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Love urban decay,the cream eyeshadows are brillant and the big fatty mascara great though the packaging alone would make me buy it all 1970s

  2. I totally love urban decay potion primer. I would never do any makeup with out..How do you like it so far?

  3. my lids and udpp don't go well together. it creases within a few minutes! i don't know why. i usually use too faced shadow insurance. midnight cowboy is really pretty!

  4. We don't have Urban Decay in Australia either, it's not fair!!!! I always see the great results eveyone has with it, and you can see with your swatches how much of a difference it makes! I should just bite the bullet and order it online from the USA shouldn't I? lol those eyeshadows really are gorgeous!!!!

  5. Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments!

    Potionprincess - The mascara sounds intriguing, hope to get to try it one day!

    MakeupJunkee - I really do notice a difference when I use UDPP, and I use it most days. I've literally never had an eyeshadow crease when I've been using it, and that's really something considering I have oily eyelids!
    I find the packaging just so annoying though..

    JENSMAKEUPBAG - I have heard that it doesn't work for a lot of people and I know for a fact that my Mum can't use it, it really dries out her eyelids. I'm dying to try Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but we can't get that here either! :(

    Sarah - I know!! It's so sad! I think we're in the same boat and miss out on a lot of amazing makeup! :(
    I would recommend buying it online :P But keep in mind the whole having to cut it open and scoop out the remainder of product thing!


  6. Try MAC 'all that glitters' when you run out of the UD shadow.. its a similar shade but doesnt have such bad fallout!

  7. Thanks for that Tali! The fallout really gets on my nerves, but the colour is gorgeous. :D


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