Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mineral Foundations: I need some help!

I have never used a mineral foundation before. Mainly because I’m not sure about the different brands and because I’ve wondered about whether the coverage is actually any good or not.

I’m really quite pale and currently use MAC Face and Body in ‘C2’ and sometimes use Maybelline Wonder Finish in ‘Porcelain Ivory’. I’m looking for something that is great quality, preferably on the cheaper side and provides medium coverage.

So I thought I’d post this and ask for some help!
What are some brands that you love and would recommend?
Do they offer samples? Are they affordable? How long do they last?
What colour would you recommend for me? And most importantly, Do they ship internationally?

Any help that you guys could give me would be great, I’m so intrigued by mineral foundations and would love to be able to find one for me. As a makeup artist I get asked about mineral foundations a lot too, so it’d be great to know more about them!



  1. I use Maybelline Wonder Finish and I like it.

    My mom ordered some mineral stuff off the infomercials. I think it was Bare Essentials, or something along those lines. Anyway all their stuff is loose powder, but it really does work a lot. I forget the price and everything though, but I'm pretty sure it was affordable. And you hardly need to use any of it each time. A little goes a long ways.

  2. Hi Christel, I don't know too much in regards to shipping about some of these companies but I highly recommend them and they all have samples available as well.

    - Buff'd Cosmetics (i think the site is the coverage is amazing and flawless, they have a variety of shades to choose from, and are based in Canada

    - Purely Cosmetics ( I know she ships internationally and their skin smoothing foundation is awesome!

    - Silk Naturals ( allows you to customize your own foundation so you never have to worry about trying to find the right shade

    - Everyday Minerals (
    - Pure Luxe (

  3. Hi I know inka cosmetics are supposed to be good,I thought they would prob ship to you the fastest as they are an australian makeup company anyway here's the web address a good inka tutorialon the channel filthy gorgeous makeup on u tube.

  4. Thank you ladies!
    I really appreciate the help and will be checking out all the companies you have listed!
    I just ordered some from fyrinnae since I wanted to try their eyeshadows anyway, so when I get that I will post the results (if it's even a colour match!)
    And I'll post results of anything I end up ordering from the companies you recommended too!
    Thanks again! oxo

  5. Oh this is exactly what I've been curious about too of late! I just recieved my order of I.D Bare Minerals in the mail and I am a bit unsure if I like it or not. It feels amazing, so soft, but after a few hours it seemed to have disapeered from my skin a little. But that could have been my application techniques too, which I think I need to perfect lol can't wait to hear what you think : )


Let me know what you think! oxo


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