Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review: Living Nature Skin Minis Normal To Dry Skin

Now, before I start this review I'm gonna give you all a heads up that I am a huge Living Nature fan. I've been using Living Nature Skincare for a number of years now and am completely sold on it. 
Christel and I pass the Living Nature factory and shop in Kerikeri every time we head up to the bach. I LOVE IT. 

Right, with that off of my chest, I can now start the review.  

The Skin Mini pack I received is for normal to dry skin. Unlike Christel, I've got pretty dry skin in places. Especially around my forehead and chin.
The pack included:

The cleanser is fantastic for my skin type! It seems to spread my natural oils evenly around my face, rather than stripping it bare. It cleanses well and leaves my skin feeling fresh and not the slightest bit dry. 

The Extra Hydrating Toning Gel is exactly what you would expect from any toner. It tightens your skin as all toners do, however it doesn't seem to dry it out like some do. The smell however is a bit overwhelming first thing in the morning. It has the trademark Living Nature smell. For those of you who don't know what thats like, I would compare it to fresh cut flax and grass clippings on a hot day. 

The Nourishing Day Cream is perfect. Light, doesn't leave a greasy feeling afterwards and lasts all day. However, its extremely concentrated. I needed only a tiny amount of cream and it went a long way.

The only fault I can find with this pack is that it doesn't have a night cream! If Living Nature could include a night cream, it would complete your skin care regime. It's the perfect travel size. The bottles and labels are totally Living Nature, very simple and just cute! The pack also included a $10 Off voucher (for purchases over $50). Love it, love it, love it.

Oh, a quick note. Ive stopped using fLash altogether as the serum was causing my skin to turn brown where it was applied (as mentioned in my last fLash update). I have a feeling they should fade with time... I hope!

Camille xxx

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