Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Swatch Watch: MAC Pigment Collection

You guys loved the MAC eyeshadow swatches, so I thought I'd swatch my pigments for you too!
So here we go, brace yourself for a photo overload...

Please be aware that some of these are limited edition, and most of them are in the old packaging.

First up is:

Your Ladyship (Antiquitease Collection LE) - creamy white with a gold pearl
Quick Frost (Rush Metal LE) - creamy white with soft green pearl
Naked (Permanent) - fleshy beige with pearl (matte)
Melon (Permanent) - soft light golden peach

From left to right: Your Ladyship, Quick Frost, Naked and Melon


Next up:

Blonde's Gold (Permanent) - light tan with gold and white pearl
Jigs & Jive (LE from the Smoky Thrillseekers Pigment/Glitter set) - naked taupe
Vintage Gold (Overrich Collection) - tarnished gold with green pearl
Old Gold (Permanent) - high frosted tarnished gold

From left to right: Blonde's Gold, Jigs & Jive, Vintage Gold and Old Gold


Kelly Green (Permanent) - granny smith apple green infused with small pearl particles
Teal (Permanent) - medium blue/green with pearl
Golden Olive (Permanent) - high frosted green/gold
Mutiny (Naughty Nauticals Collection LE) - sky blue with gold pearlized pigments

From left to right: Kelly Green, Teal, Golden Olive and Mutiny



Rose (Permanent) - rose with copper sparkle
Violet (Permanent) - vivid bright violet purple
Mauvement (Overrich Collection LE) - cool taupe with gold pearl
Blue Brown (Permanent) - brown with blue/green pearl

From left to right: Rose, Violet, Mauvement and Blue Brown



Accent Red sample (Rockocco Collection LE) - red deep magenta with red and yellow pearl and purple/blue reflection
Smoke Signal (Smoke Signals Collection LE) - deep maroon (matte)
Silver Fog sample (Permanent) - platinum silver
Dark Soul (Permanent) - charcoal black smoked with gold
Black Ore Solar Bits (Solar Field Collection LE) - rich black with gold pearlized pigments

From left to right: Accent Red, Smoke Signal, Silver Fog, Dark Soul and Black Ore


And that's all the pigments I have collected so far! I've got a few more I'd like to get at some stage, but I'm trying to refrain myself hahaha

Thanks for viewing!

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