Monday, January 13, 2014

Best Of Beauty 2013: Skincare

For the first part of the Best Of Beauty series I thought I would concentrate on skincare. I have been fortunate enough to discover a few new brands last year, so lets see what made it onto the list.

Face Cleanser: Lush Aqua Marina
When all face cleansers were wrecking havoc on my skin, this was my saviour. It eliminated redness, got rid of dry patches and cleared up any acne I had going on - all without irritating my oily, sensitive skin. Have run out of it completely, but will definitely be repurchasing!

Face Cleanser: Antipodes Gentle Grace Cream Cleanser

I absolutely love using this at night to remove makeup! It is so soothing, yet deep cleansing enough to remove all traces of my face makeup. It leaves your skin feeling velvety soft, which is just perfect for at night. This, along with using Aqua Marina in the morning, ensured that my skin felt as clean and flawless as possible.

Face Mask: Lush Love Lettuce

Nothing will ever feel as refreshing and deep cleansing as this face mask, it is seriously amazing. Gentle enough to not irritate sensitive skin, yet exfoliating enough to make your skin unbelieveably soft and smooth. You won't stop touching your face after using this one!

Face Moisturiser: Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Day Cream

This is another product I have run out of completely - and seriously need to replace! This is by far the best Day Cream I have used. It looks perfect under makeup and didn't break me out at all. I love that it contains an SPF as well, which means I don't have to worry about applying an extra product.

Face Moisturiser: Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream

I swore by this in winter when my skin was getting excessively dry, and I still love to use it now and then when my skin feels dehydrated. Not as good as Olay for using as an everyday cream, but whenever my skin needed that extra moisture this was here to help. I love using it as a "treatment" and only applying it to the really dry areas of my face - works great!

Body Wash/Soap: Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

I love this. Everytime I use it, I fall in love with it again. I love the smell, the way it lathers up so nicely and I love how clean it makes me feel! Lush just know what they're doing when it comes to soaps... and almost everything else it seems!

Body Lotion: Lush Dream Cream

So far, nothing comes close to this. It is the best stuff I have used, hands down. I get dermatitis on my legs, but I kid you not, this stuff has pretty much gotten rid of it! It completely calms and soothes the skin, while still being deeply moisturising. My skin has never felt so soft!

Well that sums up the skincare portion of my Best Of Beauty. You may notice that I haven't included a toner or eye cream - it's just that I haven't really discovered anything that's THAT good, there's always this year!

Stay tuned for Part 2 which will feature makeup. Exciting!
Thanks for viewing!

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