Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Antipodes Delight Hand & Body Cream

Escape the everyday with this high-performance creamy moisturiser with a sweet fragrance of vintage gardenia that will lift you to holiday dreams and make your spirit sing. Silky macadamia nut oil hydrates and leaves your skin cushiony smooth. Marigold flower oil helps soften the most parched areas, and revolutionary Vinanza Grape will free your skin from dryness. The perfect all-over cream for most skin conditions.

If you remember my review of the Gentle Grace Cream Cleanser, then you'll know that I pretty much fell in love with Antipodes products. They're one of those brands that you just have to like, because their products actually DO what they say they're going to.

Delight Hand & Body Cream came at the perfect time for me. In Summer, I tend to get really dry skin - most likely due to too much sun exposure (oops!) and sure enough, after attending the Kumeu Hot Rod Show my skin was in dire need of some hydration. 

My legs were peeling like crazy after getting sun burnt, and I'm not gonna lie.. it looked pretty bad. Dad even started making jokes about Leprosy. Thanks Dad. 

Nothing seemed to moisturise enough to actually make my legs look normal and smooth, and what did work lasted about an hour or so and then my legs went straight back to being dry, scaly and patchy.
Then I started using this. I'm not saying it worked miracles on my legs, because they are still peeling, but it certainly made a huge difference! My legs actually stayed moisturised almost all day and unlike some creams I've had in the past, this didn't irritate my skin at all.

As well as using it on my legs, I of course used it on my hands too and honestly, it's been one of the best hand creams I've ever used. My hands stay soft and smooth, even after washing them! I really love how quickly it absorbs too, it never leaves a greasy film on the skin. 

Surprisingly enough, even the smell doesn't bother me, and you know how I am with smells. It's a little strong when first applied, but dies down to a much more subtle scent once it settles in. It hasn't given me a headache, so you know that's a good sign!
The packaging is just gorgeous too, as you'd expect from Antipodes. They really know how to make products that look just as luxurious as they feel.

Overall, I really love this and would recommend it to anyone who's after a really good hand cream, that can double as a body cream. You can find it at Health 2000 both in store and online.

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