Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Favourites!

I'm going to try and remember to do monthly favourites again this year! I often get so caught up with all the other posts I want to do, that I forget to do this one. Oops. To kick the year off, lets get started with my favourites from the month of January!

Lorac Pro Palette

I have used this almost every single time I've worn eyeshadow this month. It is just so easy to grab and the colours are fantastic for everyday wear. The formula of the eyeshadows is pretty perfect too, making them very pigmented yet easy to blend. I will be posting a full review of this, including swatches, very soon so make sure you come back and check that out.

Benefit Dandelion & Gimme Fever Blush Duo - Groovy kind-a love kit

I am starting to get slightly obsessed with this little duo, it is so pretty! The mix of both gives such a pretty glow, without looking too shimmery. It's more like a beautiful sheen on the cheeks, which is a bit different from what I usually go for in a blush. I wish I had it in a larger size as I'm pretty sure I will end up hitting pan on it!

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Perfect Topping

This was Limited Edition from the Sugarsweet collection that came out years ago.. but it's truly gorgeous! And considering I've had it for so long, I haven't even started to make a dent in it. Mineralized Skinfinishes are great as highlighters, and that's what I use this for. It's a swirl of pinks, peaches and creams and honestly looks so nice on - I can't get enough of it!

Living Nature Skin Minis - Oily & Combination Skin

I've been using this for a couple of weeks now, and it's becoming a firm favourite in my skincare routine. The set includes a cleanser, toner and moisturiser and would be perfect for travel! Full review on it will be up tomorrow. 

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Love this!  Because my lips get so ridiculously dry, this is perfect for me. It makes lip balm absorb much better after using this, and together they provide the perfect canvas for whatever lip product I decide to use. I think this is the third lip scrub I've gone through in about a year, and I will continue to buy it when I run out, can't live without it now!

Maybelline Baby Lips Color Pink Lolita

I love using this on days that I really can't be bothered wearing much makeup, and in summer I have quite a few of those! In saying that, this actually looks pretty good with a full face of makeup too - so it's a win/win really. It's not the greatest lip balm, but it is pretty moisturising and feels quite nice on, and it's coloured which is awesome! I've just found myself reaching for it time and time again.

YSL Babydoll Mascara

This came in my Lash Stash that I got before Sephora decided to stop international credit cards, grrr. Can you tell that still bothers me? Hahaha.
Anyway this mascara is great, its the first one I've used from the pack and it's really nice. Volumizes and lengthens all while holding a curl. If this is anything to go by, then I'm super excited to try the rest in the pack.

That sums up my favourites for January! 
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  1. I could tell that was Perfect Topping from the first photo. It's being relaunched in the Fantasy of Flowers collection, which I think actually goes online today! I've got my eye on it...
    x Morgan

    1. Hi Morgan!

      Wow, that's awesome to know! It's so beautiful, I love it.
      Thanks for that!

      Christel oxo


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