Friday, January 31, 2014

Long overdue fLash update

Hey all, Camille here!

First of all, I'd like to apologise for my lack of updates lately. I went up to the bach with Christel and the family for the holidays. While we were up there, my dog Quileute, got hit by a car and passed away.
So, I've been a bit sad lately and trying to spend heaps of time with my one remaining dog, Chinook. He's slipped into a depression since Quil's passing, so we have all been chipping in to keep him happy.
My beautiful Quil, love you always
Now, onto my fLash update!
It has officially been three months since I started using this product. I have definitely noticed a difference. My eye lashes have grown quite a bit. On the other hand, I have just noticed that the area where I apply the serum has become a bit discoloured. Its slightly browner than the rest of my eyelids. (Christel actually pointed this out to me today. Thanks Sis!) One eyelash in particular really seemed to soak up all the serum and has grown WAY more than the others. It's quite hilarious actually!!

Can you see the crazy long eyelash on my blue eye (shown on the right!)?

So now I am at the point in my fLash treatment where I apply the serum only twice a week. I can't help but wonder if the company has recommended this because of the discolouration...

Hope you all had a lovely summer break!

Camille oxo

P.s Check back tomorrow for my review on Living Nature Skin Minis!

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